Sermone blando angelus

Thomas Tallis

Sermone blando angelus
Predixit mulieribus
In Galilea Dominus
Videndus est a totuis.

Illae dum pergunt concite
Apostolis hoc dicere
Videntes eum vivere
Osculantur pedes Domini.

Quo agnito discipuli
In Galileam propere
Pergunt videre faciem
Desideratam Domini.

Claro paschali gaudio
Sol mundo nitet radio
Cum Christum jam apostoli
Visu cernunt corporeo.

Ostensa sibi vulneras:
In Christi carne fulgida
Resurrexisse Dominum
Voce fatetur publica.

Rex Christe clementissime
Tu corda nostra posside
Ut tibi laudes debitas
Reddamus omni tempore.

Quaesumus auctor omnium
In hoc paschali gaudio :
Ab omni mortis impetu tuum
Defende populum.

Gloria tibi Domine,
Qui surrexisti a mortuis
Cum Patre et Sancto Spiritu
In sempiterna saecula.
In sweet speech the angel foretold to the women
that the Lord would be seen by all in Galilee.

And as they hurried to tell this to the Apostles,
seeing him alive, they kissed the Lord’s feet.

When they learned this, the disciples hurried to Galilee
to see the face of the Lord they so desired.

With bright Easter joy the sun beams forth now
that the Apostles discern Christ with mortal eye.

Being shown the wounds shining forth in Christ’s flesh,
they made known to all people that the Lord had risen.

O Christ, most merciful King, possess our hearts
so that the praise we owe you we may return for all time.

We pray in this Easter joy, O Creator of all,
that you defend your people against every power of death.

Glory to you, O Lord, who rose from the dead,
with the Father and the Holy Spirit, throughout all ages. Amen.


Thomas Tallis (?1505-1585)

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