Bells have rung out in All Saints Church for almost 500 years. The earliest records of bells in Kingston are in the 16th century, when there was a ring of six. Two more were added in the 17th century, and, in the 18th, these bells were recast and increased to ten.

Further recasting of individual bells took place at several times up to 1936, when a major refurbishment resulted in a ring of ten with a tenor of 27cwt. In 1972, the wooden frame was replaced by a new metal one, and the bells were increased to 12. Six of the old bells were kept and the other four were recast to form the treble, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th of the new ring.

Our bellringers rang in the start of 2012 nationwide, when Radio 3 broadcast their rehearsal of a new piece composed for church bells as part of the Cultural Olympiad. At the same time our bellringers gave the first live performance of the piece, Five Rings Triples, here at All Saints to ring in the New Year.

Details of the current bells:

Bell Imperial cwt-qrs-lbs Metric Kg Note
Treble 3-2-3 191.9 Bb
2nd 3-3-5 192.8 Ab
3rd 3-3-12 196.0 G
4th 4-2-20 237.7 F
5th 5-0-6 256.7 Eb
6th 5-2-6 282.1 D
7th 6-0-11 309.8 C
8th 6-1-16 324.8 Bb
9th 8-2-16 439.1 Ab
10th 10-0-18 516.2 G
11th 13-0-21 670.0 F
Tenor 18-3-27 964.8 Eb

Recruits to learn the art of bellringing are always welcome. You do not need to be mathematically or musically gifted, and there is no upper age limit subject to you being fit enough to climb the stairs to the belfry. Ask the Rector or a member of the ringing band for further information if you are interested.

Practice night is Wednesday from 7:45 to 9:30 and all visitors are very welcome. We ring all twelve bells most practice nights and Sundays.

For further information see the All Saints Bellringers’ website here.