About Us

Welcome to our church, with its rich history and vibrant community.

Our church was built in the twelfth century and has witnessed Kingston’s transformation from a small scattered settlement into the bustling, lively town it is today. In the twenty-first century All Saints remains as a place to celebrate and protect this rich heritage.

All Saints continues to adapt to the needs of the community it serves as a site for meeting, celebration and culture, whilst remaining true to its foundation as a place of worship and prayer where all may find a moment’s peace.

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Introducing our new Mission Action Plan

All Saints have recently adopted a new Mission Action Plan.  Our vision is ‘bringing faith to life in the centre of Kingston’ and our strategy is to ‘lift our voices, raise our profile and extend our outreach’.  To do this we have four priorities:

Pioneer new ways to engage with children and young people

Raise our profile and extend our outreach through better communications

Invest in our partnerships so that we can better understand the needs of our community

Work to become an Eco Church

Further details about the projects and objectives under each of these priorities can be found here All Saints MAP 2023. As we start to implement this plan we’ll bring you lots more news and invite you to participate.

Team Rector, Revd Joe Moffatt
Assistant Priests (Part Time, Non-Stipendary) - Rev'd Sandy Cragg
Rev’d Sandy Cragg

Assistant Priests (Part-time, Non-Stipendary)

Revd Sarah Williams, Part-time Curate
Jenny Bridges - Operations Manager
John Dewhurst

Church Warden and Virger

Roshan Jathanna

Church Warden

Richard Guy - Caretaker
Kate Shrimpton

Communications Manager

Team Rector, Revd Joe Moffatt

Operations Manager, Jenny Bridges

Communications Manager, Kate Shrimpton

Deputy Churchwardens
Liz Deller

Mary Mundy

Assistant Churchwardens

Sheila Bryant (Community)

Eithne Fray (Children & Families)

Paul Thompson (Premises and Insurance)

PCC Secretary: Isabel Isaacson
Treasurer: Alastair Deller

Communications Manager: Vacancy
Safeguarding Officers: Alex Crook and Rachel Davies
Director of Music: David Condry
Assistant Director of Music and Organist: Matthew O’Malley

New Virgers in Kingston

All Saints Church has recently reinstated the role of robed Virger after a gap of seventy-five years. To find out more about this role please click here to download an article written by John Dewhurst, Church Warden and Virger.

All Saints is the church for the historic parish of Kingston that, at one time, stretched from Molesey to Richmond. It has been at the centre of the Town’s life since Kingston grew up around the Royal Estate (Cyngstun) – the current churchyard – with its church at the heart.

The Church’s Tower is the focal point of the Kingston Avenue of tress at Hampton Court and its bell started and finished trading in the market.

Today, All Saints hosts three civic services each year – the Crown Court Service (Marking the start of the Court’s New Year in September), the Mayor Service (to pray for the new Mayor as they start their year in office) and the Remembrance Sunday Service after the public act of remembrance in Memorial Square.

All Saints is part of a Team of Anglican Churches with St John the Evangelist Church and St John the Baptist Church Kingston Vale.

All Saints is also a member of a local ecumenical partnership of churches in the Town centre with Kingston United Reformed Church and John Bunyan Baptist Church.

We are a member of Churches Together in Kingston

All Saints is part of the Diocese of Southwark and the wider Church of England. To find out more:

www.southwark.anglican.org and www.churchofengland.org

NameRoleYear of electionEnd of term of office
Rev Joe MoffattTeam RectorEx Officio-
Rev Sarah WilliamsCurateEx Officio-
Rev Sandy CraggHonorary CurateEx Officio-
Roshan JathannaChurchwarden20232024
John DewhurstChurch Warden and Deanery Synod Representative20232024
Isabel IsaacsonPCC Secretary and Deanery Synod Representative20232026
Joni TimminsDeanery Synod Representative20232026
Samantha TaylorDeanery Synod Representative20232026
Paul ThompsonDeputy Church Warden and Deanery Synod Representative20232026
Eithne FrayDeputy Church Warden and PCC Member20232024
Sheila BryantDeputy Church Warden and PCC Member20232024
Mary WarmanAssistant Church Warden and PCC Member20232024
Liz DellerAssistant Church Warden and PCC Member20232024
Alastair DellerTreasurer20232024
Daniel KellyGift Aid Secretary20192024
Lucy RobinsonPCC Member20232026
Peter ReddellPCC Member20232026
Keith LongPCC Member20232025
Phil WalkerPCC Member20212024
Jonathan GillardPCC Member; Assistant Honorary Treasurer20232026
Julian AdamsPCC Member20232026
Reena PatelPCC Member20232026
Graham NashPCC Member20232026

Annual & Finance Reports 2023-24

The annual and finance reports are available to download and view following these links: Annual Report: here,  and the Finance Report is available here.

For the latest minutes please click on the link:

Minutes of PCC meeting 18.07.23

Minutes of PCC meeting 23.05.23

Minutes PCC Meeting 20 March 2023

Minutes of PCC meeting 15.11.22

Minutes of PCC meeting 13.09.22

Minutes of PCC meeting 07.06.22

Meeting of the PCC 8.05.22

Minutes of PCC meeting 27.04.22

Ex PCC meeting 12.4.22 – Signed minutes

All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Tuesday 22nd February 2022, 7.30pm at All Saints Church
John Dewhurst (Chair), Rev’d William Allberry, Alastair Deller (Honorary Treasurer),
Yvonne Fitzpatrick, Jonathan Gillard, Richard Hawkins, Isabel Isaacson (Secretary), Roshan
Jathanna, Peter Reddell, Lucy Robinson, Paul Thompson, Mary Warman.
William opened the meeting with a prayer.
1. Apologies: Eithne Fray, Jennifer Pearce, Samantha Taylor, Philip Walker.
2. Minutes of last meeting, 25th January 2022 – minutes agreed with no changes.
3. Matters arising.
• Item 4 Finance. Assistant Caretaker: we are now looking to employ a cleaner to
cover weekends and days when Richard is not available.
4. Finance
Income/expenditure comparative figures for 01/01/22-01/02/22–01/01/21-01/02/21.
The financial details were circulated to the PCC before the meeting. There was very little to
note as January is not a very busy month. A new category (Concerts and recitals) has been
added – proceeds under this heading will go direct to help pay for music and choristers.
Administrative issues.
Bank mandate. At the previous meeting it was agreed that a replacement bank mandate
should be set up to incorporate a change to the client name on our CBF Church of England
Deposit Funds and listing the new authorised signatories. A similar new mandate is now
needed for the church’s Investment Funds as follows:
The client name to be ‘All Saints Kingston Upon Thames’;
The three named signatories:
John Dewhurst (Churchwarden)
Alastair Deller (Hon. Treasurer)
Tsvetanka Kehayova (Hon. Assistant Treasurer)
This was proposed by Alastair Deller and seconded by Paul Thompson; it was unanimously
approved by the PCC.
On-line donations. Following a number of problems with Braintree (the church’s current
merchant services provider for the on-line donation system) the meeting unanimously agreed
to Alastair’s proposal that we change provider to ‘PayaCharity’ (a merchant services provider
particularly geared towards supplying systems for charities).
5. The Vacancy
The profile, the advertisement and the timeline and interview panel details were circulated to
the PCC ahead of the meeting.
(a) Profile. This has been seen twice by the Archdeacon and the Canon Missioner and
approved by them. It has now been finalised. It is with the printer for design and layout
purposes and for photographs to be added.
(b) Advertisement. The advertisement will appear in the Church Times on Friday 4th March
and subsequently throughout March.
(c) Process. The applications will be handled by the Archdeacon’s office with all applications
then viewed by the shortlisting panel. John Dewhurst attended the recent PCC meeting of St
John the Baptist to discuss our vacancy and he will be similarly consulting St John the
Evangelist at their PCC meeting on 23rd February.
6. A Minster for Kingston – update. The majority of responses to the ‘Minster for Kingston’
consultation have been favourable with just two objections and one ‘hesitation’. All the
feedback at the Deanery Synod meeting, where this was also discussed, was very positive.
John has responded to those with doubts to reassure them of the expected positive outcomes
should All Saints be designated a Minster (an increase in visitor numbers and the
advancement our ‘open-door’ mission). The churchwardens will approach the Bishop of
Kingston to ask him to take this suggestion forward to Bishop Christopher.
7. Church Life Review
• Proposed use of service booklets for Lent. The meeting agreed to the use of the
existing Lent service booklets (with an additional folded A4 sheet for the elements of
the service that change (e.g. Collects, notices, etc). This will result in a great
reduction in the amount of paper used.
• South Porch table. It was agreed that a more substantial table should be sought for
the South Porch with drawers for storage of vergers’ diary, leaflets, gift-aid envelopes
etc). The meeting recorded its thanks to the donor whose generous donation has made
this possible and agreed that Iain Neville should be authorised to source something
• Vergers’ gowns. The desirability of gowns for vergers was discussed – there is a
general feeling that it would good to increase the visibility of vergers and ensure that
they were easily identifiable by visitors. The suggestion was approved in principle;
investigation will take place to identify suitable gowns and check likely costs.
• Church inspection. This will take place on Tuesday 8th March. It will focus on the
maintenance of the church including how we have responded to issues raised in the
most recent Quinquennial Inspection.
• Palm Sunday evening. The meeting welcomed the suggestion that we hold a joint
evening service on Palm Sunday with St John the Evangelist – this would be an
especially good way to welcome and show support to Rev Lindiwe Maseko who is
joining St John the Evangelist to help during their vacancy.
8. Health & Safety and Safeguarding
• Squirrel Damage. A squirrel shut inside the church overnight has recently caused
damage to the East Surrey processional banner and possibly also to one of the keys of
the organ. The meeting regretted that the banner was very likely beyond repair. The
culprit is no longer in the building but it was suggested that the squirrel trap should be
set regularly to try to prevent any further squirrel damage.
• Livestreaming. It has been suggested that people attending livestreamed services
need to sign media release forms because of the privacy entitlement in relation to
one’s religious beliefs. Investigation is continuing into how this can be successfully
carried out.
9. Kingston Team News
Rev Lindiwe Maseko who is joining St John the Evangelist to help during their vacancy will
be covering many of their services. It was noted that they cannot begin their vacancy process
until we have filled our vacancy.
10. Any Other Business
• Hong Kong refugees. The meeting discussed how we might help to support the large
number of refugees from Hong Kong in the area. It was agreed that we will make
contact with ‘ARC’ (‘Hong Kong Assistance and Resettlement Community’) to see
where help might be needed.
• Diocese of Southwark Anti-racism Charter. This was launched late last year and
will be discussed at the next meeting of the PCC. The email with the circulation of
the minutes will include a link to it. Additional recommended reading is Ghost Ship:
Institutional Racism and the Church of England by Azariah France-Williams.
• Inclusive church. A leaflet is available in church explaining the purpose and aims of
‘The Inclusive Church Network’ and seeking the views of All Saints’ congregation.
• Iftar. On 29th May 2019 several of us joined a group of Turkish Muslims in our
church as they ended their Ramadan fast. It was suggested by one of the listeners at
All Saints, Beyza Nur Coskun. It was very enjoyable and the PCC felt that it might be
good to repeat the experience.
Next PCC Meeting. The next meeting of the PCC will take place on Wednesday 27th April.
The meeting closed with a Prayer.