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Welcome to our church, with its rich history and vibrant community.

Our church was built in the twelfth century and has witnessed Kingston’s transformation from a small scattered settlement into the bustling, lively town it is today. In the twenty-first century All Saints remains as a place to celebrate and protect this rich heritage.

All Saints continues to adapt to the needs of the community it serves as a site for meeting, celebration and culture, whilst remaining true to its foundation as a place of worship and prayer where all may find a moment’s peace.

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Rev'd Jonathan Wilkes

Team Rector of the Kingston Team

Assistant Priests (Part Time, Non-Stipendary) - Rev'd Sandy Cragg
Rev’d Sandy Cragg

Assistant Priests (Part-time, Non-Stipendary)

Jenny Bridges - PA to the Rector
John Dewhurst

Church Warden

Roshan Jathanna

Church Warden

Richard Guy - Caretaker
Pippa Joiner - Learning and Engagement Officer

Personal Assistant to the Rector
Jenny Bridges (020 8546 5964), Office open Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm

Martin Corner

Deputy Churchwardens
Jennifer Pearce
Sarah Gordon-Steward
Richard Clark
Paul Thompson (Premises and Insurance)

PCC Secretary: Isabel Isaacson
Treasurer: Alastair Deller

Learning and Engagement Officer: Pippa Joiner (020 8541 5371)
Safeguarding Officer: Phil Walker
Director of Music: David Condry
Assistant Director of Music and Organist: Matthew O’Malley

All Saints is the church for the historic parish of Kingston that, at one time, stretched from Molesey to Richmond. It has been at the centre of the Town’s life since Kingston grew up around the Royal Estate (Cyngstun) – the current churchyard – with its church at the heart.

The Church’s Tower is the focal point of the Kingston Avenue of tress at Hampton Court and its bell started and finished trading in the market.

Today, All Saints hosts three civic services each year – the Crown Court Service (Marking the start of the Court’s New Year in September), the Mayor Service (to pray for the new Mayor as they start their year in office) and the Remembrance Sunday Service after the public act of remembrance in Memorial Square.

All Saints is part of a Team of Anglican Churches with St John the Evangelist Church and St John the Baptist Church Kingston Vale.

All Saints is also a member of a local ecumenical partnership of churches in the Town centre with Kingston United Reformed Church and John Bunyan Baptist Church.

We are a member of Churches Together in Kingston

All Saints is part of the Diocese of Southwark and the wider Church of England. To find out more:

www.southwark.anglican.org and www.churchofengland.org

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NameRoleYear of electionEnd of term of office
Rev Jonathan WilkesTeam RectorEx Officio-
Rev Sandy CraggHonorary CurateEx Officio-
Martin CornerReaderEx Officio-
Roshan JathannaChurchwarden20202023
Mary WarmanChurch Warden20202023
Alastair DellerTreasurer20202023
Isabel IsaacsonSecretary and Deanery Synod Representative20202023
Daniel KellyGift Aid Secretary20192021
Jeremy JeffreysDeanery Synod Representative20202023
Paul ThompsonDeanery Synod Representative20202023
John DewhurstDeanery Synod Representative20202023
Samantha TaylorDeanery Synod Representative20202023
Steven GuyPCC Member20182021
Beryl WalkerPCC Member20182021
Jennifer PearcePCC Member20182021
Jonathan GillardPCC Member20192022
Richard HawkinsPCC Member20192022
Michael BryantPCC Member20192022
Tsetsy KehayovaPCC Member20202023
Eithne FrayPCC Member20202023
Beryl WalkerPCC Member20182021
Lucy RobinsonPCC Member20202023
Philip DaviesPCC Member20202023
Peter ReddellPCC Member20202023

All Saints Annual Report 2020-2021

Annual Report 2021 – Jonathan Wilkes

Every year we are asked by the Diocese to report on various attendance numbers: an average Sunday, Sundays in November, Baptisms, Funerals, Christmas, Easter.  Though asked the same this year we have declined to do so, not just because of my own instinctive caution about the value of numbers as a healthy way of assessing effectiveness (“Christians have no business counting in more than two’s and three’s” a wise priest friend of mine once said) but mainly because this has been a year incomparable with any before it, and, God willing, any that will follow.  So, whereas this report usually takes its reference from where we started and takes its leave from where we end, there is a strong sense that it stands alone and that comparison with others must be considered guardedly.

In that “free standing” space, we have done our best to respond to the fiercely fluctuating environment created by the Covid 19 pandemic.  Decisions and actions have sometimes had to be taken in minutes and hours rather weeks and months.  Competing perspectives among our stake holders has meant that we have had to balance the view of those who have felt frustrated and mighty (and sometimes mightily frustrated) in the face of the virus against those who have felt frightened and vulnerable.  Inevitably this has created varying opinion and, sometimes, disappointment.  There are times, I think, when simply still to be standing is something of an achievement and this has, perhaps, been one of them.  What “still standing” has looked like has been the back bone of a weekly act of Sunday worship, augmented by a midweek Communion and service for Children and Families, alongside the offer of meeting over coffee a couple of times a week with weekly emails and seasonal Groups.  All of these have been on line.  We’ve also done our best to ensure that a web of support has been woven to keep in contact with people we know of.  When interludes between lock downs have allowed, we opened up the church to worshippers and passers by as much as possible, planning for extra services at Christmas to accommodate as many people as possible within a social distance.  Though this sadly had to be brought back online only at the last moment we did manage a full suite of services – and more – at Easter.

Keeping the church open when lockdowns have allowed has, arguably, been even more important than usual and so we owe a great debt of thanks to the team of Vergers who have made that possibly, organised with patience and good will by Yvonne Fitzpatrick.  David Condry has developed his “mixing” skills by blending recorded voices of the choir to provide us with music for our online offers, for which we are grateful to him and those who he has “mixed”.  Our churchwardens over this period – Anne Packer, Mary Warman and Roshan Jathanna – have worked tirelessly with patience and good humour to see us through these turbulent times and we owe them a great debt of gratitude.  As we do to Sandy Cragg and William Allberry for their wise and greatly valued ministry over these difficult months.

As ever, though, our life depends upon a huge army of kindness from scores of volunteers.  They are too many to number in a report such as this but that doesn’t mean that they are not thought of, cherished or deeply, deeply appreciated.

Perhaps the most difficult challenge that we have faced is to our financial situation.  At the start of the pandemic, we moved quickly to reduce our costs to an absolute minimum and worked hard to ensure that any wider sources of funds could be tapped in order to support our devastated income stream.  With 40% of our annual income coming from lettings of the church building and grounds, lockdowns have hit us hard, as they have other churches.  We are deeply grateful for the generous way that individuals have continued to support us and, with grants that we have managed to secure, it has meant that we managed to get out of last year with a deficit of only £20,000.  With the outturn for 2021 remaining precarious the financial commitment of individual giving continues to be an important lifeline if we are to ensure that we have the resources to continue our work in the near future.  As ever we continue to be extremely grateful to Alastair Deller for his assiduous oversight of our financial resources.

As I write, things seem on track for a wider opening up in June and a return to something more like life as we have known it.  Our hope, perhaps, is that we might look back on this year as something of a bad dream that was, indeed, a stand alone event that we have had to survive, though perhaps with a recognition of what we have found and what we have grown to appreciate more in this time:  time together feels more precious now, as does singing (!), not taking for granted, too, that which we thought of as normal and perhaps recognising how blest we are to live in this time and in this place, whilst appreciating the responsibility and duty it behoves on us to share what we have and look out for those who have less.

Our first task is to restore our former life, augmented by these lessons (and other benefits like streamed services even when the church is open to congregations), and then to press on again, with vigour and hope, seeking to love and serve both God and the people who bear God’s image.

St John the Baptist – Mandy Beck

How shall we sing the LORD’S song in a strange land? Psalm 137

2020 has been a year of exile from so much.  Can you believe in January here at St John the Baptist we had a Bollywood night with a hall full of people drumming, curry and dancing.  In February we had a special service to dedicate our beautifully restored green Altar frontal. At the end of February we even had a Messy Church with a hall bursting with people the Yollin church supporting the music and great plans for the year ahead.  Then came lock down.  We could not go to church building.  I continued to go to Springfield hospital each week, training and reaching out in new ways.

We learned to sing the lord’s song in a strange land.  I recorded Easter services from my living room and garden.  Christina Rene Thomas shared sermons from her car.  Joseph Shim sang from his kitchen.  All of us shared messages and showed love and care for our neighbours by phoning, by buying one another food, and most importantly by staying home.  One of our church magazines was filled with little notes about peoples finding God, in bird song, and quiet prayer.  Other magazines would be filled with messages of thanks for those who had brought comfort and joy through hard times.

In the summer things opened up a little the church was opened for in person worship, but now with hand sanitiser masks and social distancing.  In September we invited neighbours to join us for an outside concert all safely distance.  At Christmas not only was the church spectacularly decorated by Sue Richardson and her team, but so was garden and even the hall grew wings.

This year we have been exiled from so much which is familiar, we have been kept apart from those we love.   Very sadly some in our parish have been bereaved, and all have experienced loss of some kind.   Yet we have found new ways of doing things, we have had zoom coffee mornings with Vera Francis in her hundredth year, joining us from the nursing home across the street.  We have printed and distributed magazines, cakes and flowers.  We improved the Wi-Fi in church so services could be livestreamed from church all over the parish and indeed all over the world with people joining us from literally all over the place.  We had a zoom AGM at which we thanked Kevin Jenkins and Andrew Bignold for their work over the previous year and appointed Beverly Morley Brown as a new church warden to work with Andrew in caring for the church.   Andrew and Beverly alongside all in the church have enabled the church to service in new ways. This year we have been blessed by God.  As we have said each Sunday, “God is not in a building, God is in my heart and yours, in each act of love and care, longing to meet us in prayer.  2020 was not been how any of us expected, yet God has been with us enabling us to deal with the changes.

St John the Evangelist – Mark Stafford

2020 has been an historic year to say the least, a year that started well, but by March launched us into a period of unprecedented change. The Church, like so many other institutions, companies, and individuals, started 2020 with a plan of things we would have liked to have achieved, new initiatives, social events and developments.  However, as the covid pandemic took hold, these plans needed to be shelved, modified, or consigned to the “this will not be possible for a long time to come” file to allow us to focus on managing day to day.

That said, 2020 has still been a busy year for us as a Church and we have remained proactive in ensuring that whilst the Church building has been closed, the Church has remained accessible and available.

All of this would not have been possible without a lot of hard work from a lot of people, so thank you to all who have donated, filmed, played, sung, printed, distributed, emailed, phoned others, attended meetings, read and re-read risk assessments, kept an eye on our finances, cleaned the church after services, positioned cameras and microphones, taught us how to use the broadcast equipment, zoomed, preached, led home groups, led children’s groups and done all the other jobs needed to keep the Church alive and active throughout lockdowns, tiers and the glimpses of what has been described as the “new normal”.

I am proud to say that despite the pandemic, as a Church, we have continued to be outward looking. We have supported local charities through special collections, services, and ongoing relationships. Special thanks to Isobel and the Charities team.  We have supported those on the margins through Acts435, Food4kids, the foodbank and referrals to other charities and support networks.

The links between us and our local schools remain strong. We have provided weekly collective worship and online worship activities when the school was closed. The school decorated the Church for us for Remembrance Day and managed to get to Church to film their Christmas worship in a socially distanced manner; I remain on the board of governors of the school and have really appreciated and admired the dedication of all our school staff in providing for the Children during lockdown.

Thank you one and all, this year has been one of loss, of change but also of hope, and I hope that as we enter into our new socially distanced, mixed mode world we can continue to explore new and vibrant ways of celebrating God’s presence with us and proclaiming this to a waiting world.

Heritage Activities – Pippa JOINER

During much of the year the Learning and Engagement Officer, Pippa Joiner, has been part furloughed, but despite limited hours has still achieved significant activity.

As Covid-19 restrictions has meant that no physical activities have taken place, the Learning and Engagement Officer has turned attention to emergency fundraising for All Saints. We are delighted to report we have been successful with two grant applications to the National Lottery Heritage Fund totaling £64,000. These have helped to cover essential repairs to the chapel roof and staff costs during the pandemic and provide us with repairs to assist with re-opening and new resources to help improve the visitor offer.

The Learning and Engagement Officer is supporting the Seven Saxon Kings Embroidery project and been liaising with the designer and working group about the production of three embroidered panels. We are grateful to our donors for raising a huge £45,000 out of £75,000 to enable this important project to go ahead. We expect to have Edmund, Eadred and Eadwig panels on display in Autumn 2021. Once installed, we will launch a new fundraising campaign to raise the final £30,000 to be able to complete the remaining three panels and tell a complete story of our important heritage.

During the pandemic we have provided online craft activities for families (to replace our very popular Thumbs Up It’s Thursday craft days during the holidays). The website has 11 downloadable PDF instructions for craft activities based on the history of All Saints such as “Make your own Stained Glass Window” and “Make an Anglo-Saxon brooch”. The PDF instructions will remain on the website as a permanent learning resource. As of Easter 2021 we also will be providing “take away” craft activities until in person activities can commence.

The Learning and Engagement Officer helps support volunteer activity and has supported plans to help re-open the building.  As we look to the year ahead, in 2021-22 we will launch new recruitment campaigns, to help encourage new volunteers across all areas of activity.

The Learning and Engagement Officer works with Liz Deller to provide a small shop offer with items that enhance the interpretation and appreciation of All Saints Church. Despite the difficult year the shop achieved a small profit. We thank everyone who has supported the shop by purchasing items and all profit made from the shop helps to support All Saints. We hope to develop this further in the coming year.

We look forward to more in-person activity during 2021-22 and re-instating schools’ workshops and event days and working directly with wonderful volunteers who commit so much to the community life of All Saints.

Vergers annual report – Yvonne FitzPatrick

Our wonderful committed team of volunteer vergers have been so instrumental in supporting All Saints to be able to be open, when we have been able to do so, with such unprecedented times during this global pandemic.

So many additional volunteers have come forward and offered their time and services to support existing vergers during this unique time. Some of which, I am so pleased to say have decided to remain and become permanent within our dedicated team.

Vergers are in the front line as welcomers to visitors at All Saints. Answering all manner of enquiries from general information, future events to visitors interest in the local history of All Saints.

On that note I am very pleased and enthusiastic that other than the training and support given to vergers to carry out their role. There will be a future training programme with presentations into the stories behind memorials within the church. We have already had one training session by John Dewhurst. A very interesting presentation about The Blackwood Memorial.

I myself, at the moment, am reading more about ‘The Seven Saxon Kings’ with regard the creation of the seven spectacular and unique embroidery panels  which will hang in All Saints within seven empty niche-style spaces on the East wall. This will be an important and unique learning resource to visitors who would like to learn more about the history of All Saints.

I would like to thank everyone that has helped, supported and made my life easier with my role, in particular, organising rota’s. I would particularly like to thank Pippa Joiner, Isabel Isaacson, Mary Warman for their help and support and of course Jonathan.

All Saints Book Group – Anne Nicholson

During lockdown Ann Cornick decided to step down as organiser of the Book Group, which she started nearly twenty years ago. We are sad to lose her and grateful for her long commitment and for continuing to circulate the Church Times articles.

We had a gap during the first lockdown but were able to meet in Church in September and October. Since then five of us have been meeting on Zoom, which has worked well.

The books selected by the Church Times continue to be varied and interesting. We particularly enjoyed Hannah Kent’s ‘Burial Rites’. Based on the life of the last woman to be executed in Iceland in the early nineteenth century, it is a grim but compelling and atmospheric story. Last month we read Daniel Defoe’s Journal of the Plague Year’ in which he tells the story of the 1665 plague in London. It all sounded very familiar!

We hope to be back in the Church later in the year, meeting on the fourth Sunday of the month after the morning service. If you would like to join us or learn more please get in touch.

Little Saints

This did not happen during 2020 however it will be back, up and running shortly.

English Conversation – William Allberry

 The restrictions have meant that we had to put on hold our monthly English Conversation group for newcomers to the country who need help with spoken English, although we were able to resume for two months between lockdowns in the autumn, with visors and suitable distancing, and one or two sessions with individuals continued by Skype.

Over the year we have had several new volunteers offering to join, and one or two were able to attend as observers, so we hope to sign them up formally as soon as we are allowed to get going again. Many thanks to our splendid conversationalists! We will re-start as soon as we can.

PCC Report – Isabel Isaacson

The All Saints Parochial Church Council met six times during the year following the 2020 APCM (September 2020-May 2021). There are 12 elected and co-opted members and 12 ex officio members including the clergy, wardens and Deanery Synod representatives. The average attendance at meetings was 15. The PCC’s regular business includes the monitoring of the Church’s finances, reviewing Church life and events, health and safety issues, including safeguarding, and preparing for forthcoming services and other events. The work of the PCC is greatly assisted by the appointment of sub-committees to look in detail at particular issues: in addition to the Stewardship Planning Group and the environmental sub-committee there is a sub-committee to help support All Saints social media presence and a Finance sub-committee to provide support to the Treasurer in his or her day-to-day work and also a forum in which related issues can be discussed.

Christian Aid – Ian Williamson

 All Saints continued to support Christian Aid even though Covid-19 made house-to-house and town centre collections, the traditional ways of fund-raising during May’s Christian Aid Week, impossible to undertake. Instead, the Rector and five other members of Kingston clergy accepted a challenge to each walk 300,000 steps in May during their daily routine of work and exercise as a way to encourage donations from sponsors. Publicised on JustGiving and Facebook pages, this ‘Walk for a Whole World’ was most successful with over £18,500 collected from Kingston residents and their friends. This not only bettered 2019, but was the largest 2020 CA Week collection from any town in Britain. Included in the total are donations from participants to a ‘Zoom’ Quiz in which  several teams with All Saints’ representation joined.  We are grateful to everyone for their involvement and contributions. Sadly, plans for a Christmas carol-singing event had to be scrapped as a second wave of infection swelled in December.

After fifteen years, Keith Long and Ian Williamson stepped down in 2021 as All Saints representatives on the Kingston CA committee, and Angelina James and Tsetsy Kehayova have taken their places.

All Saints Kingston Bell Ringers – Paul Flavell

In this strange pandemic year, we started the year with normal ringing and had quite successful Sunday and practice ringing, with some visitors ringing with us. Our last proper ringing at Kingston was on March 15th 2020.

We rang a few socially distanced bells between the lock downs in summer 2020.   One bell was tolled on Remembrance Sunday but that is the only ringing we have done since March last year.

The ringers keep in touch by zoom and we have been holding a regular learners’ session on Ringing Room, an online bell ringing platform.  The learners have made great progress and it has kept them interested in ringing.

We have a new learner Viola and very much welcome Graeme Booth from Newcastle and Ed Cubitt from Norwich who have moved into the area and we look forward to ringing with them soon.

All Association events and striking competitions were cancelled in 2020 so we have been holding both the 6 and 8 bell trophies in the tower since 2018!

The ringers’ dinner was held on 7 February 2020 at the Spring Grove pub with 23 attendees and was a great success. We were pleased to welcome Jonathan our rector and the churchwardens as our guests.  This year we were unable to hold our dinner but had virtual drinks instead.

We were unable to hold our Annual Outing or Barbeque either, but we did manage to meet for socially distanced coffee after the Sunday ringing between the lockdowns.

At the time of writing, because of social distancing, we have no idea when real ringing can resume but we will be working on a recruitment and training plan, giving our learners refresher lessons and looking forward to seeing and welcoming everybody back in the tower!

KNIT FOR THE NEEDY – Catherine Fennemore

Once again we are pleased to report that the Knitting Circle continues to flourish albeit that we have only gathered a few times in the church.

We shall provide full figures for the items produced since the last report when we are able to.  However we have sent to MALAWI:  large & small lap blankets in a variety of colours and patterns and cot blankets.  We continue to provide simple T-shirts large, medium and small and hats to suit both girls and boys in different sizes.  We have also sent “fish & chip” sets for the new born and very small babies.  These babies are called “fish & chip” babies because their mothers are so poor that they have to wrap the babies up in newspaper when they take them home from the hospital.  To the afore-mentioned we can add:  baby bonnets and bootees along with large and small cardigans, hat and jumper sets, shawls and scarves.  We continue to receive a substantial number of beautifully made teddies, (children need cuddly toys).

 These blankets and garments provide much needed warmth and comfort particularly during cold nights and winters.  Unfortunately as we were unable to access our items in the church in the spring so a large quantity did not arrive in time for their winter.  We arranged for a collection as soon as we were able to by contacting members who had been storing finished items in their homes and kindly brought them in.

The costs of shipment are very high and any assistance in this matter is much appreciated by the organisers.   The situation is even more acute this year as African Vision Malawi has been unable to hold its usual fund-raising activities.

The centre to train ladies as dressmakers continues to flourish.  This skill enables them to earn an income and assist with providing for their families.  As a group we have been pleased to continue to provide many, many boxes of haberdashery items – scissors, needles, reels of cotton, ribbons, thimbles, pins, tape and bias binding and so forth.  Manual sewing machines are always welcome and go out in the next available container.  When the ladies leave the centre they are provided with a sewing machine so they can immediately begin to work independently.

The generous response to the request for writing materials of all sorts for the children:  pencils, coloured crayons, drawing & colouring books, educational games books, erasers, pencil sharpeners et al continues.

Toiletries and medical items are always usefulAs are suitcases which are used to carry items out to Malawi and then given to the students when they go away to school or higher education for their possessions.  There is also a need for sanitary ware for girls and ladies and our members have generously provided large quantities of underwear and the materials for making the sanitary products needed.

The quantity donated has been amazing and a big thank you is due to the ladies for all these items.

Unfortunately the knitted flowers for the Easter decorations were not required, likewise the poppies knitted by members to commemorate those lost on active service in war.  And to this we would add many knitted decorations including stars, garlands, toys and animals which were not displayed this year in a Christmas tree festival in All Saints Church.

The Circle meets on Tuesday between 9.45 am and 11.45 am approximately.  At present we have 28    members and the average weekly attendance continues between 14 and 18.

Any donations of wool would be gratefully received.  As you will see all donations will be used to alleviate the difficulties and suffering of very needy people.


2020-2021 has been a strange year for the church gardeners as it has been for everyone. Our team of four Jean Cope, Carys Griffiths, Roshan Jathanna and Ruth Bolton started off with great enthusiasm last year but found that a couple of hours each Saturday, proved to be quite a challenge. We feel that engaging with the public as they visit the gardens is important, but it does curtail the time for gardening.

However, we were fortunate enough that Mary and Geoff Warman augmented the team to prune the hedges on the south side of the church. Caroline and John Ayles were also instrumental in getting rid of suckers at the bottom of ash trees in the grounds. We are extremely grateful to these two couples for the extra help they provided.

The beds on the south side and at the west door plus the four containers kept us busy as we tried to keep the weeds under control, plant bulbs and prepare the gardens for winter. Following this preparation, it is normally a quiet season for gardeners. This year however, has been quieter than usual as lockdown struck, which has meant that we have not been in the gardens for several months.

Nature however, does not go to sleep but rests over winter and Covid or no Covid wakes up in the Spring. Even though some bulbs have been relocated by our busy squirrel friends, it has been a joy to see the daffodils, primroses and grape hyacinths planted in the autumn beginning to add colour to the gardens.

Jean, whose idea it was for creating the garden, is slowly stepping back a little. However she still produces a welcome array of plants which have started life in her greenhouse at home and does her fair share of planting. She also acts as our most knowledgeable consultant/adviser, for which I am most grateful. It has also been a privilege to be a member of a church where so many have volunteered for a one day ‘spring clean-up’ on March 27th to get the church grounds neat and tidy for the coming season. This help is very much appreciated by the weekly gardeners.

It is hoped that in future we can gather together such a volunteer group about three times a year, to keep the grounds a pleasant place to relax. This lovely and peaceful green oasis in the busy town centre is very much valued by members of the public to sit and rest, admire the flowers, picnic or just pass through and often leads to them visiting the church as well. All things bright and beautiful, The Lord God made them all.

Flower Team – Sandy Cragg

Thank you to everyone who complimented the team on the Easter flowers – it was a great pleasure and relief to be able to decorate the Church for public worship after the disappointment and sadness of not being able to come for services – or flower arranging – during lockdown.

Unfortunately, flowers are now rather expensive and the suppliers with whom we had previously negotiated discounts weren’t available – we hope for their sake and ours that they will return once the pandemic eases.   The Easter arrangements which were fewer than we have managed in previous years cost well over £200 so we are very grateful to everyone who makes a contribution.  Our team is also smaller, with people having moved away or shielding so if anyone has any experience, however little, of arranging flowers and would like to join us, please speak to Faith or Sandy.

Listening Service – Sandy Cragg

An unexpected bonus from the first lockdown of the pandemic was that some people found themselves with unexpected free time and wanted to serve the Kingston Community so volunteered to become All Saints Listeners.

With enough new recruits to run our training course in listening skills – our training is experiential so we need a minimum number of people – but with the restrictions of the pandemic, Hilary and Sandy decided to run a Virtual Course which was quite a challenge and a real learning curve in many ways.  We ran the course towards the end of 2020 and thanks to Zoom we now have 6 excellent new listeners helping us out in addition to the existing team.  8 people in total were trained but 2 have found full-time employment and we are delighted that they are taking their new skills into the workplace.  Frustratingly for the new listeners, the 2021 lockdown happened before some of them had even started so they are all delighted that the church is open again and they can put their skills into practice.

Because the church has been closed for some of the time, it isn’t possible to provide meaningful statistics this year on how many people have used the service but listening has continued whenever possible.  Some of the older members of the team have needed to step back during the pandemic and we are very grateful to the younger and less vulnerable members who shouldered the burden and kept the service going.

We take contact details of anyone who is interested in becoming a listener and keep a waiting list until we have enough people to train, ideally around 9. Hopefully by the time our list is full again we will be able to train people in person, so if you would like to consider joining the team, please speak to Sandy. (Clergy interview and 2 references required.)

Safeguarding – Amanda Bullen

The PCC must promote a safer church for all in the church community and ensure there is a plan in place to raise awareness of safeguarding matters, promote training and ensure that safeguarding is taken seriously by all those in the church community.

The PCC must adopt the House of Bishop’s Promoting a Safer Church safeguarding policy statement https://www.churchofengland.org/sites/default/files/2017-12/PromotingSaferChurchWeb.pdf and the House of Bishops’ and Diocesan safeguarding policies and practice guidance while being responsive to local parish requirements.

There continues to be 2 PSO’s (myself and Alex Cook).  We are the DBS administrators. DBS checks are renewed every 5 years and we have an electronic file recording these which is secure and locked down to only those that need access to it.  During the pandemic, the ID checks for these DBS checks can be carried out online or by email.

Our parish continues to promote Safe Recruiting for volunteers in accordance with the procedures set out in A Safe Church.  All volunteers are aware of and work to the House of Bishop’s safeguarding guidance and we keep a register of training to ensure all volunteers get safeguarding training every 3 years.  The Volunteer handbook was updated in November 2020.  The safeguarding policy and procedures and names and contact details of PSO are also advertised on the church premises.

All PCC Members must have a DBS check completed and most of these have now been done.

Music Department – David Condry

Despite an extraordinarily difficult year, there is much to celebrate and be thankful for. Before the pandemic, we had started to achieve many things. By March 2020 we had fully established the choral scholar scheme, a regular and highly popular series of Friday lunchtime organ recitals and the Wednesday choral evensongs. I am very happy to report that we are now in a position to start both the Wednesday choral evensongs and the Friday Lunchtime organ recitals again over the next few weeks, as restrictions ease.

Because of lockdown restrictions it has not been possible to undertake any chorister recruitment activities for a year. However, I am happy to report that I have now written to every school in the borough, and I am in the process of starting a massive recruitment drive to achieve a strong number of trebles and choral scholars.

Whilst we were allowed to sing during the autumn term, I was very pleased that the choir quickly got back up to the extraordinarily high standards that we have come to expect, even having had a break of several months. Despite not being able to have a congregation present for the major Christmas services, these were a particular highlight, and the musical standard was breath-taking.

I am very thankful to every member of the music department for their unwavering loyalty and patience during these difficult times. To Matthew O’Malley – Organist, Daniel Blaze – Organ scholar, Eleanor Howard-Williams – Choir matron and Nigel Duffin – choir librarian, for their unwavering hard work in helping to run our music department and without whom the running of the department would be impossible. I am very grateful to every member of the choir for their patience during the restrictions on numbers and for their extraordinary musicality when singing in very small groups. This is testament to the standard of musicians we are lucky to have in our choir – a standard for which most cathedrals pay a very large sum.

I am greatly looking forward to the term and year ahead and I am hopeful that the choir will go from strength to strength.

Churchwardens’ Annual Report – Mary Warman & Roshan Jathanna

All places of worship have been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic and All Saints is no exception.


From the beginning of the first national lockdown (23/3/20- 2/8/20) our services were subject to disruption, although immediate adaptation to streamed services either from a closed church  (as on Mothering Sunday 22/3/20), or from Jonathan’s study, enabled precious continuity to be maintained. Whenever possible the church was open for private prayer. A virtual Book of Remembrance was set up. Strict safety measures were observed including social distancing, mask wearing, a one-way system, in/out doors and sanitising of all touched surfaces. Communion was administered in one kind only. Despite lengthy closures we were able to hold the annual Remembrance Sunday and Crown Court services (Nov 8 and Oct 5 respectively). The Civic Remembrance Day service was held in the closed church with only the Bishop and Mayor present but was streamed via the Council’s website. We hosted the Kingston Episcopal Area Ordinations in 2 services on Oct 17 (postponed from June) when we welcomed 15 Ordinands. All Saints was open for our annual Advent Carol service, but from Dec 21 all our Christmas and other services were streamed until Palm Sunday, Mar 28 2021. Special thanks go to Roshan Jathanna and his team of technical experts for their assistance with streaming and to other volunteers who enabled our services to take place in very unpredictable circumstances.

Ministry team

We are immensely grateful to Jonathan for his calm, unwavering and inspiring leadership throughout a difficult time. Rev’ds Sandy Cragg and William Allberry have given wonderful support and we were most fortunate that Ordinand Katherine Willis joined us for 3 months (Jan-Easter 2021) greatly contributing to our church life despite the limitations of church closure and Zoom.


Jenny Bridges continues as Jonathan’s PA, Richard Guy as our Caretaker and Pippa Joiner as our Learning and Heritage Officer. Immense thanks go to them for their hard work and adaptability.

Deputy Churchwardens and PCC

Zoom meetings have enabled the Deputies to continue to support our volunteer groups and the smooth running of the church in general. Our PCC has also held its meetings on Zoom, ably assisted by PCC Secretary Isabel Isaacson who helps us in many ways.

Alastair Deller returned as Treasurer replacing Bob Seekings

Daniel Kelly is our Stewardship Officer

Our grateful thanks go to them and to all our PCC members

This year we welcomed a new Churchwarden, Roshan Jathanna who replaced Anne Packer when she moved away from the Kingston area in the early autumn.


Our heartfelt thanks go to all our volunteers, without whom All Saints would not be able to function.

Nearly 200 people help whether the church is open or closed assisting at services and welcoming visitors. During this pandemic year sadly many concerts and events have been cancelled and regular activities suspended, but our All Saints community remains strong. Special thanks go to Jennifer Pearce and Hilary English for organising regular Zoom meetings and talks and to everyone who has joined them.

The list of volunteers also includes the following:

On Sundays:

Our Servers, Crucifers, Acolytes, Readers, Intercessors, Sidespeople, Workshop leaders, Coffee makers, Flower arrangers, Bellringers and everyone who organises rotas.

On weekdays:

Our recently enlarged Vergers’ and Listeners’ groups who will be very helpful to the community as we emerge from the pandemic.

Our Knitters, Embroiderers and Gardeners. All contribute hugely.

We were disappointed not to be able to hold our annual Christmas Tree Festival or to host the Haven Winter Night Shelter.

We hope to resume group activities, including English Conversation which will be kindly hosted by Revd William Allberry, as soon as it is safe and permissible to do so.


We would like to thank our musicians, David Condry, Matthew O’Malley and All Saints Church Choir for their skilful enhancement of our worship. At a time when all singing was disallowed we enjoyed vocal ensembles which had been put together digitally.


We cannot thank Ann Cornick enough for setting up and running Little Saints Mother and Toddler group for the past 14 years. Our warm thanks go to Angelina Jathanna for kindly taking over from Ann and to our Sunday workshop leaders Eithne Fray and Sarah Gordon Steward

The Building

The programme of work on the building has continued. This year, most importantly, the roof of the Trinity Chapel has been repaired and made water-tight, other roof gullies have been cleared, solar panels cleaned, lighting attended to and ground level gullies cleared and secured for the first time with covers. A security system has been installed to protect the lead roofing against theft.

We are immensely grateful to our team of DIY volunteers- Iain Nevill, Brian Cornick and Liz Deller who have helped with running repairs and floor cleaning when needed.

We will maintain our valued links with Kingston University.

The Churchwardens are grateful to everyone at All Saints for their kind support and optimism.

Mary Warman Roshan Jathanna, Churchwardens

ASK Annual Fabric Inspection: Summary report – Mary Warman, Roshan Jathanna and Paul Thompson

The Churchwardens are required to inspect the church building and the churchyard at least once each year, or to arrange for this to be done on their behalf (The Care of Churches and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure, 1991). The Churchwardens are required to present an annual report on the condition of the building to the Church Council. The report is then presented to the Annual Parishioners’ Meeting, with any amendments required by the Church Council (A Handbook for Churchwardens and PCCs, 1997).

The Churchwardens are pleased to be able to report, on the basis of the annual Fabric Inspection and Risk Assessment carried out on 28th March 2021, that overall the church building is structurally sound, watertight, secure, safe, in good decorative order, clean and tidy, well-lit and heated, and is accessible by wheelchair. The churchyard is judged to be safe and is clean and tidy (thanks in no small part to the continuing work of the Gardening Group) and does not pose any threat to neighbouring buildings.

The work highlighted in the Quinquennial Inspection in 2018 related to the roof and rainwater drainage systems has been carried out last year and is under observation for possible water ingress in the Surrey Chapel area and Café area.

Inspection team noted some weathering and aging issues on the external of the building, which includes some maintenance work, that can be carried out in the coming months.

As and when funds are available, the pigeon deterrent spikes along the South wall of the nave could be replaced.

Gas, electricity and lightning conductor safety certificates are all up to date, as is the church’s Public Liability Insurance.

A detailed report is available on request.

All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Tuesday 9th February 2021, 7.30pm via Zoom
Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), Alastair Deller, John Dewhurst, Eithne Fray, Jonathan
Gillard, Isabel Isaacson (Secretary), Roshan Jathanna, Jeremy Jeffreys, Jennifer Pearce, Peter
Redell, Samantha Taylor, Paul Thompson, Beryl Walker, Mary Warman, Katherine Willis.
Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.
1. Apologies: Michael Bryant, Philip Davies, Steve Guy, Daniel Kelly, Lucy Robinson.
2. Minutes of last meeting, 14th January 2021 – minutes agreed with no amendments.
3. Matters arising
(a) Upload speed improvement. We will get a 5G mobile receiver for the church office
through which we should get an improved upload speed. We will try it out for a period of
time (but can return it if unsatisfactory within the first two weeks); a failure to meet
guaranteed upload speeds should negate the contract – we will check that this is so. If this
ultimately doesn’t work out for us an aerial will be obtained. Our lottery bid includes a sum
for the cost of an aerial and also for a new camera. For the time being the existing office
connections will be kept running.
(b) Ways to redress financial shortfall. These will be discussed under “4. Finance”, below.
(c) Giving to good causes. The sub-committee will meet next week to discuss suggestions for
suitable charities to add to the “good causes” list.
4. Finance
Income/expenditure comparative figures for 01/01/2019–31/12/2020.
These were circulated to the PCC in advance of the meeting and are very nearly complete,
representing almost final figures. Our deficit at the end of 2019 was £6,829 and at the end of
2020 is £16,501 (2020 income includes approximately £50,000 in grants and £21,000 from
the job retention furlough scheme). There is still tax to be recovered under the Gift Aid
scheme (approx. £28,633 – this includes the Saxon Kings donation) for which Alastair has
submitted the necessary details. We have not had to touch our reserves so far and will not
have to do so for the next few months. The 2020 figures are now with the independent
examiner. (There may be a delay in getting them certified due to Covid-related changes in
working arrangements and, in addition to that, a family bereavement.) We are awaiting
accruals in order to finalise the January 2021 figures. Financial figures for January and
February 2021 will be available at next month’s PCC meeting.
Ways to redress financial shortfall.
A two-fold approach is planned.
(a) Regular hirers. The aim is to recover and restore pre-Covid levels of income from
hiring out of the church and grounds as quickly as possible. Contact will be made
with regular hirers of the building (the choirs who hire on a weekly basis and the
regular concert hirers) and then we will look at one-off hiring opportunities. We will
also need John Cogger to return to the grounds and the Craft Fair at Christmas. There
will also be the reopening of the Café. Communications with regular hirers indicate
that everyone is looking forward to coming back.
(b) New ways to attract income. We believe there is scope to increase hire of the church
for weddings/receptions and will be focusing on this; the Lottery bid includes an
advertising budget for this. We will also make a further Lottery bid for an amount for
an upscaling of the shop. In addition to this, we want to engage with the many people
who feel connected to All Saints in all sorts of different ways but are not necessarily
members of the congregation – this, we think, could be achieved with something
along the lines of a “Friends” organisation.
Please do not hesitate to send any other suggestions or ideas to Jonathan.
5. Policies
The meeting reviewed the policies listed in the Agenda, along with the suggested amendment
to the Health and Safety policy. The meeting agreed that some wording should be added that
amendment to indicate that the Covid guidelines are not a permanent addition. (Mary has
subsequently provided an additional sentence which is added below.)
The policies were proposed by Mary and seconded by Roshan. All policies were approved
unanimously by the meeting subject to the addition of the Covid-related amendment to the
Health and Safety policy as follows:
“From March 2020 the global Coronavirus pandemic necessitated following guidelines and
precautions as directed by the Government and the Church of England:
1. In and Out doors (with clear signage) and a one-way system
2. Hand sanitiser provided at all entry and exit points and around the church.
3. Masks/face coverings obligatory except for those with a medical exemption certificate
4. Social distancing (at least 2 metres)
5. Regular cleaning including sanitising chairs and all touched surfaces
6. Provision of Communion “in one kind” (cessation of the shared communion chalice)
Any or all of these precautions will remain in place as long as dictated by the guidelines or
local circumstances.”
Annual fabric inspection. This will be carried out as soon as is feasible and brought back to
the PCC for review.
6. Church Life Review – strategy grid
The meeting congratulated John Dewhurst on his re-election to the post of Kingston Deanery
Synod Lay Chair.
At the recent Deanery Synod meeting a presentation by The Revd Canon Jay Colwill included
a slide “A Parish Strategy during Covid-19”. This was circulated ahead of this meeting to
provide a basis for discussion looking forward. Various thoughts and comments were shared
and have been set out on the grid (attached) – to be discussed/added to and revisited at the
next PCC meeting. (click to download here:A Parish Strategy during Covid_)
The volunteer leaders’ forum will begin thinking about the re-opening of the church and the
resumption of all church life as soon as it is possible – they will be meeting at the end of
The meeting recorded thanks and appreciation to Jonathan and the clergy team, David and
Matthew, and Roshan for their contributions to the streamed services and to all others who
have played a part (e.g. those who have recorded readings and intercessions), or who have
helped in any other way in the creation of our new form of worship.
Also, Katherine’s contribution to our Church Life, especially her lovely Children and families
reading, reflection and prayer, on 3rd Feb.
7. Health & Safety and Safeguarding
Nothing was raised under this item.
8. Kingston Team News. Jonathan will be meeting Mandy Beck (St John the Baptist) and
Mark Stafford (St John the Evangelist) next week. Mark’s interim appointment has been
extended until November this year.
9. Deputy churchwardens’ meeting. The notes from the meeting of 1st February were
circulated to the meeting.
10. Any Other Business
A.G.M. 2021. The Diocese has extended the time within which A.G.M.s should be held to
31st May this year and it was felt that we should hold our A.G.M. a little later than usual to
allow for the Accounts to be finalised and for Church life to settle down a bit more. The
A.G.M. will therefore be held on Sunday 23rd May 2021
Deanery Synod papers. It was agreed that the Agenda and subsequent minutes for each
meeting of the Deanery Synod would be circulated to the members of the PCC. If anyone
wishes to see any of the papers for the meeting or presentation details they can ask to have
copies forwarded to them.
Next PCC Meeting. The next meeting of the PCC will take place on Tuesday 16th March
The meeting closed with Jonathan saying the Lord’s Prayer on our behalf


All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Thursday 14th January 2021, 7.30pm via Zoom
Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), Philip Davies, Alastair Deller, John Dewhurst, Eithne Fray,
Richard Hawkins, Isabel Isaacson (Secretary), Roshan Jathanna, Jeremy Jeffreys, Jennifer
Pearce, Lucy Robinson, Samantha Taylor, Paul Thompson, Beryl Walker, Mary Warman,
Katherine Willis.
Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.
The meeting welcomed Katherine Willis, Ordinand on placement from the Guildford training
scheme, who will be with us from January through to the end of March.
1. Apologies: Michael Bryant, Martin Corner, Jonathan Gillard, Peter Redell, Steve Guy.
2. Minutes of last meeting 26th November 2020 – minutes agreed with no amendments.
3. Matters arising
• National Lottery Heritage Fund application (NLHF – PCC Meeting 26.11.20, item
5). Following the publication of the guidelines for applicants, it has been decided that
this is not quite the right fund for us and we will not be going ahead with this
application. We will instead be submitting an application to a different fund run by
the NLHF aimed at helping organisations survive the current crisis and exploring
other options they may have for a wider development of our work.
• Winter Nightshelter 2021 (PCC Meeting 26.11.20, item 8). Due to the current
Covid-related restrictions there will be no Nightshelter this year. Thanks to funding
from Central Government, the ‘Winter Provision’, via Kingston Council, KCAH can
place people currently on the streets into hotel accommodation and Joel should also
reopen before the end of February. As there are fewer than 10 people on the streets in
Kingston at the moment there should be some sort of offer available to them should
they choose to take it.
4. Finance
Income/expenditure comparative figures for 01/01/2020–31/12/2020 and 01/01/2019–
31/12/2019. These were circulated to the PCC in advance of the meeting. The overall total
income to 31 December 2020 is £236,188 as against £288,268 for 2019. As is to be expected,
income from plate collections and donations via wall safes is substantially down. The best
way to donate is contactless: this became available on 15th June 2020 and currently stands at
£2053. There is also the on-line donations option via the website (£924 donated this way last
month). There is still tax to be recovered under the Gift Aid scheme (approx. £22,000) when
the details have been entered into the system. This has been accrued under Gift Aid in the
accounts along with £1,250 under GASDS. Church usage and café rental understandably are
down on last year. Church usage (£12,527) is mostly from January and February 2020; we
have the café rent from the college and there is £850 to come from Sarah Cogger for the
running of the café during the college holiday periods. The rent from the church grounds is
also down – John Cogger hasn’t been able to be there as he would normally expect to be
resulting in an income of £10,000 instead of 2019’s £31,319. The amount under ‘Grants
Received’ (£45,800) comprises £43,300 from NLHF and £2,500 from the All Churches Fund
for the roof alarm. The amount of £4,000 under Giving to Good Causes is accrued from last
year. The deficit at the end of 2019 was £6,829; for 2020 it is £19,376. There will
undoubtedly be a testing year ahead.
We currently have amounts in our various accounts as follows: everyday current account
(£3,807), main current account (£25,989), missions deposit account (£40,000) (primarily for
Saxon Kings embroidery), CCLA (£53,975) and the fabric fund (26,925) comprise a total of
approximately £150,000. Our situation is therefore not nearly as bad as it might have been.
We would also have been in a very much worse position without the NHLF grant and the job
retention furlough scheme (approx. £71,000). We are as always grateful to the members of
the congregation for their pledged giving and responses to the stewardship campaign at the
end of last year have been good, with amounts mostly maintained or increased.
However, we need to look at our finances within the context of the size of our operation
which entails the maintenance of a huge ancient building and the employment of five
members of staff. Money from congregational giving covers only our Parish Support Fund
pledge to the Diocese. All other costs for the church have to be found elsewhere and a deficit
seems inevitable. It is clear that we need to try to broaden our income base and a successful
grant application will help us to do this by enabling us to invest in the development of the
shop and to create a friends organisation, perhaps getting some professional help to do this.
5. Lent
Our usual practice for Lent is to have Lent talks in the Church and Lent groups for reflection
and discussion. This year there will be Lent lunchtime conversations, contributors yet to be
identified, to provide weekly reflections via Zoom or YouTube. For Lent groups, we could
have a selection of readings for personal meditation and reflection, along the lines of Martin’s
course last year. They could be chosen either by one person or by a variety of people –
Jonathan will look at what might work best. After those participating have read the passage,
the person who selected the reading could run a discussion on Zoom.
There will be an Ash Wednesday service of some kind on 17th February, most likely, by
necessity, on YouTube.
6. Church Life Review
Supporting the bereaved in the community. The meeting agreed that there were people
who would appreciate the Church offering ways for the bereaved to remember loved ones
who have died. We discussed various ways that this could be achieved. These included: a
virtual Book of Remembrance on the All Saints web-site; a once a week lighting of candles in
the chapel with names read out privately (but with those who had made the request being
informed); mention in the pewsheet/on Facebook; once a month remembering people at the
service. The streaming of services makes the reading out of names problematic as regards
privacy issues, ie names will be broadcast potentially much more widely than at the
traditional form of service. Given that we plan to continue streaming services, this could be
an on-going problem (unless we obtain the permission of those requesting this). Jonathan will
assess the various options.
Cameras and streaming. Jonathan’s paper for discussion, ‘Improving our Live streaming’,
was circulated before the meeting and the views of the meeting were sought on the right
course of action to take. Most PCC members who expressed an opinion felt that it would be
good to improve the quality of the live streaming but these views ranged from a feeling that
what we currently have is still ‘at least 50% better than aural only’ and ‘the pixilation is a
nuisance but doesn’t nullify the value of the streaming’ to the view that the quality of what
we are producing at present is ‘disgraceful’. There was overall agreement that the priority
should be to solve the basic problem of the upload speed and that money spent on upgrading
cameras before this is done would be wasted. One way to improve the speed could be to
invest in a 4G/5G mast for the Church at a cost of around £400. The meeting felt that we
should find out what the best option might be and how much it would cost and then, if we
decide to go ahead, to put out an appeal for contributions to pay for it.
7. Health & Safety and Safeguarding
Church closure. Following the rise in the Covid-19 infection rate the decision was taken to
close the church. It was felt that this was the safest thing to do – Jonathan thanked Roshan
and Mary for their good thoughts and contributions in coming to this decision.
Disclosure and Barring Service. All PCC members have either undertaken, or are in the
process of undertaking, a DBS check in line with the Church of England’s Safer Recruitment
8. Kingston Team News. Mandy Beck at St John the Baptist and Mark Stafford at St John the
Evangelist are managing to get through these difficult times as best they can. We were
pleased to hear that Mark’s position has been extended for a further six months.
9. Deputy churchwardens’ meeting. The notes from the meeting of 11th January were
circulated to the meeting.
10. Any Other Business
Giving to good causes. Every three years we undertake a review of the good causes to which
we make donations. The emphasis is on supporting local organisations, at present these are:
Kingston Welcare, Kingston Samaritans, Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness,
Refugee Action Kingston, Momentum, RNLI, Médecins Sans Frontières, World Vision UK.
This year particularly our donations have been very gratefully received. Jennifer will convene
a meeting of a sub-committee consisting of Lucy, Mary, Beryl and Alastair to undertake the
review. There will be a pewsheet notice to request suggestions.
Craft Fayre 2021. For many years Dina rented the North Lawn of the Church for the Craft
Fayre each Christmas. Recently, we have co-operated with Kingston First in their aim to have
a themed look to the town centre. For Christmas 2020 none of this was possible but we felt let
down by Kingston First’s early withdrawal from their agreement with us. Dina has been in
touch to ask whether she could return this year. There was a generally positive feeling
towards this proposal as Dina has been reliable over the years and it is simpler to have a direct
relationship with the person renting the grounds (the person running the Alpine Village sublets
from Kingston First). It was suggested that we should review the terms and maybe
suggest a non-refundable deposit.
Next PCC Meeting. The next meeting of the PCC will take place on Tuesday 9th February
The meeting closed with Jonathan saying the Lord’s Prayer on our behalf.


All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Wednesday 14th October 2020, 7.30pm via Zoom
Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), John Dewhurst, Eithne Fray, Jonathan Gillard, Richard
Hawkins, Isabel Isaacson (Secretary), Roshan Jathanna, Jeremy Jeffreys, Jennifer Pearce,
Peter Redell, Lucy Robinson, Samantha Taylor, Paul Thompson, Beryl Walker.
Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.
Jonathan welcomed especially Roshan, our new Churchwarden, and new members, Lucy and
Peter, to the meeting.
1. Apologies: Alastair Deller, Mary Warman, Steve Guy.
2. Minutes of APCM 27th September 2020 and last PCC meeting 10th September 2020 –
minutes of both meetings agreed with no amendments.
3. Matters arising
There were no matters arising.
4. Finance
Income/expenditure comparative figures for 01/01/2020-30/09/2020 and 01/01/2019-
30/09/2019. These were circulated to the meeting and Jonathan presented a brief overview.
As is to be expected, income is down and, given the reduced numbers visiting the church,
plate collections and donations via wall safes have dropped. Contactless giving is holding up
and now stands at £823 and some of the on-line giving is money that would have been
donated via the plate collections. Tax to be recovered under Gift Aid is still to come. The
NLHF Grant of £43,300 is the exceptional figure in the accounts. £21,000 is allocated to the
repairs to the Trinity Chapel roof. What is needed is something to fill the gap in the income
stream resulting from the lack of, or great reduction in, in the café rental, and hire of church
and church grounds. The remaining sum of the grant will, however, cover Jonathan’s salary
and contribute to the return to work of furloughed workers.
The £21,000 for the chapel roof repairs has yet to be included under expenditure. At present
the shortfall is around £10,000: we will have to wait to see what it will be for the full year. At
the moment the Christmas Market is planned to take place and it will be a great help to us if it
can go ahead. There are one or two other sources of grants to be investigated.
Attention was drawn to the discrepancy in the heat, light and water costs which Jonathan will
raise with Alastair.
6. Stewardship campaign (taken ahead of item 5 “The workings of the PCC”)
This regular annual event will take place later this year (around the end of November) when
we have more of a sense of how the year-end is shaping. It will take the form of a letter from
Jonathan and the churchwardens direct to our contacts appealing for a one-off donation or for
regular givers to reconsider whether they might be able to increase their giving. This will
largely be directed at the congregation (regular members already giving, regular members not
part of this scheme) but we will also try to reach non-congregation members in any other
ways that we can, eg a link on the website to our Facebook page; use of promotional film
(previously interviews with younger choir members to say what the church means to them);
appeals at service, which are now potentially reaching others via YouTube. We will also be
making the contactless donation point more prominent.
5. The workings of the PCC
Jonathan gave a brief explanation of the workings of the PCC for the benefit of the new
members. The PCC is the decision-making body of the church with the balance held between
the Rector, the Rector and Churchwardens and the PCC and with various layers of
responsibility. The Rector has responsibilities given by the Bishop (eg for staff, day-to-day
business, church matters) but does so in consultation with the PCC. Day to day decisions
relating to the running of the church will need to be taken by Jonathan, sometimes in
consultation with the Wardens, and, for strategic or larger matters, with the PCC. The lay
members represent the congregation and will consider what takes place in church, what we
should be doing: is the balance right? what more could we do? The representative function of
the PCC covers the whole life of the church including aspects of worship plus the fabric of
the building itself. Individuals will hold responsibility for certain aspects of the work,
working under the auspices of the PCC. An example is the Treasurer, who will provide the
detailed accounts and report regularly to the PCC. It can involve people not on the PCC, for
example, under health and safety and safeguarding matters.
All Saints is entitled to up to 15 elected members – this is decided by virtue of our electoral
roll having over 200 members; this also means that we are entitled to five Deanery Synod
representatives. The ex officio members include the churchwardens, any clergy and readers
licensed to the team, the treasurer and the Deanery Synod representatives.
7. Report from the questionnaire sub-committee
At the last meeting we looked at the two surveys, congregational and public, recently
conducted to help us to gain a view of how the church is regarded and whether anything
needed to be examined or changed. The congregational surveys had two main themes: the
appreciation of Jonathan’s leadership at All Saints and the importance to many of the music
in church. There were also a number of individual comments which did not fall into any
particular category and it was felt important that these should be acknowledged and
responded to – it may not be possible to agree with them all but we can explain the rationale
behind what we do. We should aim to improve what we do where possible but sometimes
compromise is needed and it is important that this is explained. At that meeting the PCC
agreed that a sub-group comprising Beryl, Jennifer, Carys, Jeremy, Eithne, Mary and Alastair
should be convened to look at the responses and then come up with suggestions for action to
be taken. The Report from the sub-committee was circulated ahead of this meeting and
various aspects of it discussed at the meeting. Jonathan will now address matters arising from
the feedback and put together a response to the results from the questionnaires and to the subcommittee’s
conclusions to share with the congregation. The meeting recorded its thanks to
Pippa for her analysis of the results.
8. Church Life Review
Social distancing at services. It was noted that the space within All Saints lent itself well to
the way we must be at present and the distancing worked well within the space.
Burns night. Will a socially distanced Burns night be possible?
The impact of Covid and remembering lost love ones. Unfortunately, we have had to
remove the prayer box due to the threat of transmitting the virus but the candle stand in the
Trinity Chapel is still available for lighting candles for remembrance and is being well-used
by visitors to the church (and includes safety features such as a one-way system and hand
sanitizer station).
Activities in Church. Some activities have re-started including the knitting group and
English conversation.
7. Health & Safety and Safeguarding
There was nothing to report under this item.
8. Kingston Team News. Nothing new to report.
9. Deputy churchwardens’ meeting. The notes from the meeting of 15th September were
circulated to the meeting. The meeting was sorry to hear that Michael was unable to continue
as Deputy Churchwarden due to health issues. Richard Clark is willing to undertake the role
and the meeting agreed to his election.
10. Any Other Business
Roof alarm. Jonathan and Paul have been looking into the installation of a roof alarm to
detect anyone trying to steal metal from the church roof. Our insurance premiums will
increase by 40% unless we get such an alarm. The meeting agreed that the purchase should go
ahead as it is a one-off expense (plus cost of maintenance) which will overall save us money.
There is also the possibility of half the cost being met by a grant. Jonathan and Paul have met
with alarm suppliers and will discuss which to use and then give the go ahead for the
Next PCC Meeting. The next meeting of the PCC will take place on Thursday 26th
November 2020.

The meeting closed with Jonathan saying the Lord’s Prayer on our behalf.


All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Thursday 10th September 2020, 7.30pm via Zoom
Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), Alastair Deller, Eithne Fray, Carys Griffiths, Richard
Hawkins, Isabel Isaacson (Secretary), Jeremy Jeffreys, Daniel Kelly, Anne Packer, Jennifer
Pearce, Samantha Taylor, Paul Thompson, Beryl Walker, Mary Warman.
Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.
1. Apologies: John Dewhurst, Jonathan Gillard, Martin Corner, Michael Bryant, Steve Guy.
2. Minutes of last meeting: 16th July 2020 – minutes agreed with no amendments.
3. Matters arising
Item 7: Christians Against Poverty. Following on from this item at the July PCC meeting,
Philip Walker has offered to be All Saints’ link with this organisation.
4. Church surveys
Anne Packer kindly put together a short note of introduction to the discussion of the
congregational and public surveys. This was circulated before the meeting.
The congregational surveys had two main themes: the appreciation of Jonathan’s leadership at
All Saints and the importance to many of the music in church. There were also a number of
individual comments which did not fall into any particular category and it was felt important
that these should be acknowledged and responded to – it may not be possible to agree with
them all but we can explain the rationale behind what we do. We should aim to improve what
we do where possible but sometimes compromise is needed and it is important that this is
It was agreed that a sub-group comprising Beryl, Jennifer, Carys, Jeremy, Eithne, Mary and
Alastair will look at the responses and then come up with suggestions for action to be taken.
Jonathan will contact those involved to arrange how the meeting will take place.
5. Finance
Annual Report & Financial Statements 2019. The final, certified copy of our 2019 Annual
Report & Financial Statements was circulated to the meeting for information only (the
accounts were approved at the June PCC meeting).
Income/expenditure comparative figures for 01/01/2020-31/08/2020 and 01/01/2019-
31/08/2019. These were circulated to the meeting and Alastair presented a brief overview.
Giving to the church is slightly up on last year which is good to see. As is to be expected,
given the closure of the church, plate collections and donations via wall safes have dropped.
Contactless giving now stands at £489. Daniel reported that all the Gift Aid information is
now with ‘My Giving’; the report is to be audited prior to the submission of the Gift Aid
claim. The Union Street shop rental is being paid monthly to help their cash flow. As
predicted, church grounds income is down as John Cogger is limited in the number of
activities he can provide. There was some income from church usage during January and
February but it is hard to predict when it will return to normal levels. Staff costs have been
reduced by the Government furlough scheme but will increase later in the year as staff return
to normal working, although this will be offset to some extent by the Heritage England grant.
Heat, light and water costs are down because the building wasn’t in use during lockdown. Our
cash flow is holding its own and we should be able to manage financially (payment of bills
and so forth) until at least the end of the year.
Heritage England grant application success. The meeting welcomed the news of the receipt
of a grant of £43,000. £20,000 of this will be in the fabric fund for use in carrying out the
repairs to the Trinity Chapel roof. The remaining sum will set off the lack of income during
the closure of the church and will contribute to the return to work of furloughed workers and
cover an element of Jonathan’s salary. The meeting expressed thanks for the work carried out
in the preparation of the grant application submission.
Parish Support Fund Pledge. The amount pledged for this year is £115,320 (£9,610 paid
monthly). We now need to decide on our pledge for 2021. Traditionally we have increased
the pledge by 2% per annum but Jonathan suggested that, given our reduced potential income,
we should consider pledging the same amount as for this year, rather than offering an
increase. We are very aware that we need to support the Diocese and to maintain our
contribution but it was felt that it would be risky to increase it.
The proposal of £115,320 for our 2021 Parish Support Fund Pledge was agreed unanimously.
The meeting recorded its thanks to Alastair for all his work in relation to the church finances
and accounts.
6. Church Life Review
Café open. It was good to have the café open once more even though it was only just
covering costs. It has recently begun to make a small profit but it was agreed that this should
be given to Sarah to offset the various cleaning requirements and staff expenses. The Café
recently received its 5-star health and safety award. We are currently awaiting guidance from
the Diocese to see when we might be able to resume other activities, eg Thursday coffee in
church; knitting group.
Church services. Church services are once again taking place in church with currently the
three Sunday services plus one weekday service on Wednesdays. Numbers attending were
low in August but stronger this week with also around 35 watching on-line. This Sunday,
choral singing will resume following distancing guidelines with approximately 14 singers.
On-line services. The on-line services will continue. It was noted that Jonathan’s mention in
the live service of those watching at home made it feel very inclusive. There is a need to look
at possibly upgrading the cameras with options for different cameras in different places. Costs
are being explored. Although it was agreed that this would be good, we also felt that the
quality had improved, particularly the sound, and that the services were generally very good.
Crown Court Service. This will take place on 5th October.
Ordination services. Due to the need to accommodate the large number of ordinands and
guests expected there will be three services on 17th October.
Remembrance Day. There will be no big public ceremonies for Remembrance Day.
Saints Alive. There is an edition in preparation – it is likely to be the equivalent of the
November/December/ January edition but with publication in October. We hope to be able to
include guidance on Christmas arrangements by then.
Christmas. Christmas Tree Festival: Jonathan will shortly be meeting Sandy and Liz to
discuss this. Kingston First are intending to use the church grounds again which should
generate a fee (this will be the same as last year). Cards for Good Causes plan to be back in
church and are currently working out safety requirements.
Visiting the church. It was agreed that visiting the church on weekdays as well as on
Sundays feels very safe. The meeting recorded its thanks to Yvonne Fitzpatrick for enabling
this to happen by taking on the organisation of the verger rota.
Listening. The meeting welcomed the news that the Listening service (distanced) has
restarted in church.
7. Health & Safety and Safeguarding
DBS reviews are being organised where needed. Time is also being spent to ensure that Covid
19 safety guidelines are being followed.
8. Kingston Team News. Mandy and Mark recently met Jonathan to keep in touch with how
we are all managing the various challenges of these times.
Isobel Robinson will be organising the annual shoebox appeal – information will be in the
9. Deputy churchwardens’ meeting. The Thursday coffee morning mentioned in the notes of
this meeting should have been specified as the Zoom coffee group to avoid confusion (ie it is
not the in-church one).
10. Any Other Business
Anne and Leslie Packer. Anne and Leslie will be moving from Kingston to be closer to their
family. This is obviously a really nice thing for them to be planning but it will also be a great
loss to All Saints Church. Anne will be stepping down from the role of churchwarden at the
AGM on 27th September.
Topical lunches. The meeting recorded its thanks to Leslie for his great work in inspiring and
sustaining the regular series of Topical Lunches. The first one for this year will take place
next Thursday 17th September with Kingston First Chief Executive as guest speaker,
introducing a discussion of the challenges facing Kingston, with the move to online shopping,
and now the impact of Covid 19. The forthcoming programme is already largely in place but
a replacement for Leslie will be needed. Any suggestions for suitable candidates should be
made to Jonathan.
Churchyard bins. The original churchyard bins were removed when the Council provided
larger bins in the town centre, the idea being that these would accommodate all the rubbish
from around the town centre. It became clear that we still needed bins in the churchyard and
two were installed. The maintenance of these bins has become a chore and an expense – they
fill up quickly and we have to empty them and pay for the bags that are used in them. The
Council refuses to take any responsibility for this. The meeting agreed to the removal of the
bins to see what happens. The meeting recorded thanks to those who have emptied the bins on
the days that Richard isn’t in church (these include Isabel Isaacson, Mary Warman, Julia
Fionda, Nigel Duffin, Jonathan, and possibly others).
Churchwardens’ role. In order to reduce the size of the churchwardens’ job, Jonathan is
looking to develop a rota of people to take on the overseeing of the lay elements of church
services (eg making sure readers and servers are present etc). They would be responsible for
that role on the day, with no other specific responsibilities. It would also enable
churchwardens to attend services simply for worship and without having to undertake any
other role.
PCC membership. The meeting recorded its thanks to Sam and Carys as they complete their
three years’ service on the PCC. The AGM takes place on 27th September and will include
the election of new PCC representatives to replace those standing down having served for
three years and those resigning, and the election of Deanery Synod representatives.
Next PCC Meeting. The next meeting of the PCC will take place on Wednesday 14th
October 2020.

The meeting closed with Jonathan saying the Lord’s Prayer on our behalf.


All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Thursday 16th July 2020, 7.30pm via Zoom
Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), Martin Corner, Alastair Deller, John Dewhurst, Eithne Fray,
Carys Griffiths, Jonathan Gillard, Richard Hawkins, Isabel Isaacson (Secretary), Jeremy
Jeffreys, Daniel Kelly, Anne Packer, Jennifer Pearce, Samantha Taylor, Paul Thompson,
Mary Warman, Beryl Walker
Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.
1. Apologies: Michael Bryant, Rev’d Sandy Cragg, Steve Guy
2. Minutes of last meeting: 9th June 2020 – minutes agreed with no amendments.
3. Matters arising
There were no matters arising.
4. Finance
Income/expenditure comparative figures for 01/01/2020-30/06/2020 and 01/01/2019-
30/06/2019. These were circulated to the meeting and Alastair presented a brief overview.
Giving to the church is slightly up on last year which is good to see but, as expected due to
the closure of the church, there is a drop in plate collections and donations via wall safes.
There have been some donations by the “giving” terminal (£132) and we will try to encourage
greater use of this method. The negative amount currently under Tax recovered under Gift
Aid will be reduced when the accounts for 2019 are closed and the outstanding £6,176
covering the period January to April this year is received from HMRC. The £20,000 café
rental received from Kingston College in this half of the year makes the figures look better
than they actually are and there will very likely be a sizeable deficit of income against
expenditure by the end of the year. The Union Street shop rental will continue to be paid,
although this quarter it will be paid monthly to help their cash flow. As predicted, church
grounds income is down: John Cogger has only recently been able to return to the grounds
and with a reduced number of activities. There was some income from church usage during
the first quarter but it is unlikely to return to normal levels until at least the end of the year.
Staff costs are reduced by the Government furlough scheme but will increase later in the year
as staff return to normal working. Heat, light and water costs are down because the building
hasn’t been in use. Expenditure under Church repairs (£14,840) includes the repairs to the
Surrey Gates and the North Gate pier. We expect to receive most of this back from the
insurers in due course.
Cashflow analysis. Alastair has analysed our projected cashflow for the remainder of the
year to give us an idea of how we can manage our funding. At the start of the year we had a
balanced budget; given the projected reduction in church income for the remainder of the year
we have to expect an appreciable deficit. We are fortunate in that we do have cash in the bank
and back-up reserves as follows:
Current bank accounts: £36, 567
Fabric fund: £26, 000
General reserve: £53, 974
We need to be aware of on-going financial commitments, eg the Parish Support Fund Pledge,
set against a reduced income. We will be able to survive this year financially but may deplete
our reserves somewhat in the long term. We will look for ways to minimise the damage (eg
reducing costs) and it is also important to try to find additional ways to increase income (eg a
National Lottery Heritage Fund grant application; possible new opportunities for hiring out
the building (distanced activities, meetings etc)). As the year progresses and we know more,
we can revise our estimates. We can survive this but need to keep our financial situation very
much in mind.
The meeting recorded its thanks to Alastair for all his helpful analysis work on the church
5. Church re-opening for services
The responses to the survey into planned attending when the church re-opens for services
have indicated that a second morning service isn’t necessary. (There were 70: replies 50.3%
will continue to watch on-line; 49.7% will come into church.) Those wishing to attend will
need to book – details to be circulated the week after next – and to leave a name and
telephone number with the booking (this will be emphasised in the communication). A list
will be compiled on which names can be checked off on arrival. Family groups will be
accommodated in the congregation and there will be a children’s workshop (in the Choir
Vestry or the East end area or if possible outside). There will be seats available for people
who haven’t registered; those without internet access will be able to telephone book via the
church office. There will be tea and coffee available after the morning service: a self-service
system will be in operation via tables of ready-prepared drinks. Live streaming of services
will continue.
Holy Communion will be in one kind (wafers, not bread) and there will be a one-way system
for going up to receive Communion (via the centre aisle) and returning (via side aisles).
David Condry will continue to provide recorded music and the organ will be played for
hymns. There will no singing and no collection; on-line giving and giving via the in-church
terminal will be encouraged but there will also be a plate for donations.
A record of those attending at 8am and Evensong will be needed. Lists of regular attendees
will be drawn up (and checked off on arrival) and names and telephone numbers collected
from anyone not on those lists.
6. Church surveys
The main discussion of the survey results (originally circulated on 15th May) will take place
at the next meeting. It was noted that around 100 church members responded including a
number of younger people. Music was a key factor for many of those responding. Some
points had already been addressed, some due to current circumstances, eg length of services,
live streaming. Responses from the public indicated the importance of the children’s area.
Jonathan suggested that we might create a sub-committee to take on specific suggestions and
to come up with an action plan.
7. Christians Against Poverty
Christians Against Poverty is based at St John the Divine, New Malden; representatives of the
charity gave a presentation detailing its aims and ambitions to the June meeting of the
Kingston Deanery Synod. The presentation script setting out the aims of the charity was
circulated to the PCC. One particular aim, with which the PCC agreed it would be good to try
to help, is as follows: “We would love to have a CAP link person in every church to enable us
to sustain and grow our relationship with other local churches.” Anyone interested in
volunteering should contact John Dewhurst; John also agreed to draft a notice for the
pewsheet asking for volunteers.
8. Black Lives Matter
Jonathan has asked David Robinson to put together a short leaflet addressing the issues
arising from Black Lives Matter and the history of our Church. This will be discussed further
when we have received the draft from David.
9. Church Life Review
On-line children’s events. Thanks was expressed to Jonathan for these events on Sundays
and Wednesdays, and which are greatly appreciated.
On-line services. These will continue and the quality should improve with the use of the
above door camera at the West end which gives more options. The meeting recorded its
thanks to Jonathan for organising and producing these and for his great fortitude when the
technology has been problematic.
Music at streamed services. The meeting recorded appreciation for the quality of the music
provided along with thanks to David Condry, and all who have contributed.
Church grounds. We are grateful to Carys for taking up church garden maintenance once
more and adding plants to the beds and to the containers outside the South door. There is
some concern about the shoots at the base of the lime trees, which need cutting back.
10. Health & Safety and Safeguarding
There was nothing specific arising under this heading.
11. Kingston Team News. We are glad to have been joined by Rev’d William Albery to give
ministerial help at All Saints, preaching and conducting services.
12. Any Other Business
Church as socially-distanced venue. The meeting agreed that this could be a good new
potential source of income. The church is listed in a number of places and we have received
enquiries. Any suggestions for means of further publicising are welcome.
AGM date. The re-arranged date for the APCM is 27th September 2020. The meeting will
include the election of new Parochial Church Council representatives to replace those
standing down having served for three years and those resigning, and the election of new
Deanery Synod representatives.
Next PCC Meeting. The next meeting of the PCC will take place on Thursday 10th
September 2020.

The meeting closed with Jonathan saying the Lord’s Prayer on our behalf.


All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Wednesday 1st May 2019, 7.30pm at All Saints Church
Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), Michael Bryant, John Dewhurst, Eithne Fray, Jonathan Gillard,
Richard Hawkins, Isabel Isaacson (Secretary), Carys Griffiths, Anne Packer, Bob Seekings, Paul
Thompson, Mary Warman
Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.
1. Apologies: Jennifer Pearce, Mark Stafford, Samantha Taylor, Beryl Walker.
2. Minutes of last meeting: Wednesday 27th February 2019 – minutes agreed subject to one
amendment. Under ‘3. Matters arising’ the text in relation to the defibrillator should read: ‘Following an appeal to regular church hirers for donations towards the cost, we have received an offer from Councillor Jon Tolley on behalf of RBK to fund the full cost.’
3. Matters arising
AOB Caretaker. it was confirmed that a caretaker, Susan (Sue) Boys has been appointed. She started work on Tuesday 23rd April. She will be working 5 hours a day and is available to help close up the building. It has been made known to Peter Nadin that we would like him to continue and he is currently considering this.
Item 5: Reporting of serious incidents. Jonathan has been in contact with the Diocese who are aware that All Saints safeguarding officers are part of the reporting structure in relation to these but are not members of the PCC.
4. Finance
Bank Mandates. Following the changes in personnel after the APCM, there will need to be new bank mandates both for HSBC and our CBF reserve accounts. The following proposal was accepted unanimously by the meeting.
“Following the personnel changes agreed at April’s Annual Parochial Church Meeting, it was agreed that replacement bank mandates should be set up listing the new authorised signatories as follows: HSBC Current and Deposit Accounts (two signatories required for cheques greater than £500)
Jonathan Wilkes (Rector)
Robert Seekings (Hon. Treasurer)
Tsvetanka Kehayova (Hon. Assistant Treasurer)
Anne Packer (Churchwarden)
Mary Warman (Churchwarden)
Katarina Hardy (PA to the Rector)
CBF Deposit and Investment Funds
Jonathan Wilkes (Rector)
Robert Seekings (Hon. Treasurer)
Tsvetanka Kehayova (Hon. Assistant Treasurer)”
It was unanimously agreed that Tsvetanka Kehayova should be co-opted onto the PCC (proposed by Eithne Fray; seconded by Paul Thompson).
Stewardship. Anne Packer, Stewardship Officer for 2018, reported that the amount of reclaimed Gift Aid would be approximately the amount stated in the budget. The claim was submitted on 6th April.
5. The Role and Purpose of the PCC
Jonathan gave an overview of the role and purpose of the PCC (as circulated ahead of the meeting) for the benefit of those newly elected.
6. Employing the Deanery Funerals Administrator
An explanatory note plus contract for services were circulated before the meeting. The need for a
Deanery Funerals Administrator was identified following changes in the way funerals were being
arranged. Previously, the priest being asked to conduct the service would contact the undertaker; now the undertaker looks to contact a priest after the funeral has been arranged. This resulted in
opportunities being missed as the undertakers could not always get in touch when they wanted to, often at short notice. Additionally, there has been an upsurge in humanist and non-religious ceremonies. The appointment of the funeral administrator counters these difficulties by making available a contact to answer calls straightaway. In the four years that this system has been in place funeral numbers nationally have been falling whereas those in the Deanery have stayed constant.
The newly appointed administrator (Julie Huggett) needs to be employed by a parish and it was
suggested that All Saints could be the employing parish. The contract for services has been supplied by the Diocese, amended by us and the final version approved by the Diocese. The meeting unanimously agreed that All Saints should take on the formal role of employing the Deanery Funerals Administrator.
7. The Churchyard
The importance of the churchyard to us – as a source of income and as important for drawing in
visitors – is agreed upon. However, the various uses to which it is put – the craft fair, Alpine village, John Cogger’s entertainments – have a detrimental effect on the overall appearance. Jonathan asked the meeting to think about how the appearance could be improved, particularly the grass. Available options could be re-seeding (which can be unsatisfactory), re-turfing (expensive), more robust variety of grass (would take some time to settle), the paving of a central square which could accommodate regular users whilst leaving grass around it (for which planning permission and/or a faculty may be needed).
The meeting agreed that it would be helpful to take advice from garden restoration experts.
We are still looking to re-locate the Coronation Stone to the church grounds and to make more of the site of the St Mary’s Chapel to enhance the historical appeal of the grounds.
8. Church life review Easter Week. It was agreed that the services of Compline on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Easter Week made this a very special time. The Sunrise Service was better attended this year. The sounding of the fire alarm on Easter Day was caused by the thurible being left near to a smoke detector. North Door. The banging north door was a distraction and the mechanism will be adjusted when the quinquennial inspection works are carried out.
Disturbance of services. ‘Service in progress’ notices have made a difference but are not always
heeded. The change in the sides people arrangements are expected to make a difference.
Fire precautions. The wiring in the roof is reinforced so that there is no risk from interference by
squirrels at high levels. When there is no-one in the building there should be no currents passing
through the wiring. We are ensuring that we have the number of fire extinguishers that were
recommended by the architect.
9. Health and Safety and Safeguarding
There were no items for discussion under this heading. Jonathan meets the safeguarding officers
quarterly to review how arrangements are working.
10. Kingston Team News
Vicky leaves St John the Evangelist on 26th May. David Bell will run the first period of the
interregnum. The average appointment takes 9 months. The appointment will be an equivalent
appointment to what is currently in place (ie no less than we currently have).
11. Deputy churchwardens’ meetings.
The notes from the meeting of 17th April were circulated to the PCC.
12. Forthcoming Events
These are listed on the Agenda.
13. Any Other Business
Soroptimists. The mosaic cross, currently placed near to the Skerne monument, was given to All
Saints by the Soroptimists some time ago (approx.15 years). They have been in touch to ask whether a plaque could be installed to say who gave it to the church. The PCC discussed it and unanimously decided against it (John Dewhurst (proposed); Paul Thompson (seconded)).

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.


All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Tuesday 26th March 2019, 7.30pm at All Saints Church
Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), Alastair Deller, Liz Deller, John Dewhurst, Eithne Fray, Isabel
Isaacson (Secretary), Carys Griffiths, Bob Seekings, Samantha Taylor, Paul Thompson, Beryl Walker
Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.
1. Apologies: David Bell, Martin Corner, Philip Davies, Steve Guy, Chris Mayo, Jennifer Pearce, Mark Stafford.
2. Minutes of last meeting: Wednesday 27th February 2019 – minutes agreed with no amendments.
3. Matters arising
Contactless giving. There are two developments under this topic:
i. a new product available at a reasonable cost of £130;
ii. an opportunity, funded by the Diocese, to undertake a trial of a table-top product from Data
Development, which we intend to pursue.
Paul is looking in to the issue of transaction fees.
Defibrillator. Following an appeal to regular church hirers for donations towards the cost, we have received an offer from Counsellor Jon Tolley on behalf of RBK to fund the full cost. We are currently double checking to be sure that we are choosing the right equipment for our needs.

4. Finance
The draft 2018 Accounts were circulated to the PCC. The Reports were not included because, although they have all been written, they are awaiting approval. The main exceptional items are as follow.
o Income down (page 12). This is for two key reasons: church usage is down (2017 featured a
lucrative corporate event plus two large weddings); heritage funding (2017 had the last
instalment of the fixed-term grant for the heritage officer post).
o Expenditure down (page 13). The tower works were paid for in 2017.
Other matters from the accounts were discussed.
Saxon Kings Embroidery. Following completion of the Athelstan panel plans, the detailed drawings for the remaining six panels need to be finalised for presentation to the DAC for approval. Costs per panel, including materials, framing, specialist glass, are expected to be around £15,000 which we hope to retrieve from sponsors. An offer has already been received from the Masons. Organ and piano. The costs in this category are purely for maintenance and do not include budgeting for a replacement piano. Following the repositioning of the organ during the refurbishment of the church some settling has occurred with an amount of retuning being required. A watch will be kept on the costs but the importance of keeping this important instrument in good order was emphasised.
Surrey Memorial Gates. The work on these was met almost entirely by grants from the War Memorial Trust (£6,000) and the Surrey Regiments (£8,000) with the net cost to All Saints being £172. Generally, the costs for the routine day-to-day running of the church are covered but, as has been emphasised before, £10,000 a year is to be put aside for fabric maintenance; account must also be taken of the loan repayments. There is now a separate deposit account for the fabric fund – Church of England Board of Finance (CBF) Deposit Fund – into which £50,000 has been deposited.
Insurance and energy costs have been contained and the meeting recorded its thanks to Paul Thompson for his work in these areas, finding alternative suppliers, etc. Thanks also to Alastair for his work on preparing the accounts.

The meeting unanimously approved the Accounts (proposed by Alastair Deller; seconded by Paul

5. Reporting of serious incidents
The document detailing guidance for the reporting of serious incidents to the Charity Commission was
circulated to the meeting. The PCC guidance separates these into two types: safeguarding Serious
Incidents and all other Serious Incidents.
Safeguarding Serious Incidents. The PCC delegates responsibility for these to the Rector or, if he is absent or implicated, to the parish safeguarding officers. They will act on behalf of the PCC to comply with the requirements of the Charity Commission and will inform the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser of the incident, who will report to the Charity Commission.
Non-safeguarding Serious Incidents. These are anything other than safeguarding issues. The Rector and the Churchwardens will take the lead in this and will report incidents as they feel necessary.
Whether or not an incident is serious will be decided by the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser. The
Rector is duty bound to tell the PCC of any safeguarding issue – this raised concerns over the
possibility of problems with confidentiality and it was agreed that advice would be taken from the
Diocese in such cases.
The meeting unanimously agreed to adopt the guidance (proposed by Eithne Fray; seconded by Carys Griffiths).

6. Church life review
o Chorister recruitment. The meeting was pleased to note the successful recruitment of new
choristers and recorded thanks to Leslie Packer for his support of this and to David Condry for
working to ensure that the new choir members settle in well. Money donated specifically for
chorister development is being spent on choral teachers to work with new members and some
additional money has also been received for this.
o 9.30am service booklet. Larger versions can be made available and two have so far have
been requested.
o Café. It was noted that there has been far less disruptive behaviour in the café in recent weeks.
The listeners had noted one visitor to the café joining uninvited into café users’ conversations.
They are devising ways to deal with this. It was also suggested that boundaries should be
clearly maintained and guidance given in relation to visits to the office, contact with other
visitors and out-of-bounds areas of the café (especially behind the counter and the children’s
o Moving the choir stalls. The arrangement with George and Tim seems to be working well
and it was reported that having their help made the ‘get out’ at the end of concerts
considerably easier. It will be important to have cover if George and Tim are not available –
the appointment of the caretaker could help with this.

7. Health and safety and Safeguarding.
There were no items for discussion under this heading.

8. Kingston Team News
o There have been no takers so far for the proposed trip to Wintershall to see the Passion Play.
o The recruitment of Vicky’s replacement will begin once she has left. The possibility of a fulltime
replacement is being explored. The recruitment process will take approximately 9 months.

9. Deputy churchwardens’ meetings.
The notes from the meeting of 6th March were circulated to the PCC. It was noted that Karen Mayo will replace Susannah Acland, who is leaving the area, as Deputy Churchwarden (children & young people). When she is no longer a churchwarden, Jennifer has agreed to become a deputy churchwarden.

10. Forthcoming Events
These are listed on the Agenda. It was noted that numbers at the Easter Dawn Service are dwindling a little.

11. Any Other Business
Caretaker. The process to recruit a new caretaker, following Robert’s resignation, has begun. It is
proposed that the caretaker will work five hours a day, five days a week and as well as the usual
cleaning tasks will be involved in keeping noticeboards up to date etc.

Winter night shelter. The night shelter this year has been generally fully occupied with guests mostly well behaved. This is possibly the result of KCAH getting to know the clients better via the drop-in shelter (the Haven at the Everyday Church from September to January with approximately 30 attending each night) and so being in a better position to assess suitability for the ‘roaming’ February/March shelter. There will be an assessment of the shelter after it finishes at the end of the month but encouragement can be taken from the presence of working guests and some moving on to more longterm accommodation. It also seems that KCAH will again receive Housing Department funding which this year enabled them to run the Haven and to employ staff to help shelter volunteers. The meeting wished to record thanks to Isabel Isaacson for co-ordinating the participation of All Saints in the scheme.

Vision event. Some members of the PCC attended the Diocese Vision Event at St Paul’s Kingston Hill which replaced the Parish support fund meeting (which itself replaced ‘fairer shares’ and was deemed to have succeeded in increasing giving). We were able to discuss parish initiatives with members from other churches but in the end the focus was on the parish support fund.
Tower assessment. We are still awaiting the feedback from the structural engineer on the condition of tower.
Quinquennial inspection work on the church. The external work should begin after Easter when the threat of frost has receded. It was noted that the hollow in the step leading from the vestry office into the church needs to be filled.

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.


All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Wednesday 27th February 2019, 7.30pm at All Saints Church
Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), David Bell, Philip Davies, Liz Deller, John Dewhurst, Eithne Fray,
Isabel Isaacson (Secretary), Jennifer Pearce, Samantha Taylor, Paul Thompson, Beryl Walker
Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.
1. Apologies: Alastair Deller, Carys Griffiths, Steve Guy, Bob Seekings, Mark Stafford.
2. Minutes of last meeting: Tuesday 22nd January 2019 – minutes agreed with no amendments.
3. Matters arising
Choir stalls. The new choir stalls are now in use and we have experienced the first weekend with our
two helpers moving them for a concert and restoring them to the correct position for Sunday services.
There were one or two teething problems but no major issues.
Contactless giving. Work is continuing on this and progress being made in identifying and exploring a
variety of ways to do this.
All Saints Kingston Choir Association. The Draft Constitution has now been approved.
Pigeons – health & safety issues. As reported at January’s meeting (under item 11) droppings from
the pigeons congregating along the roof ledge above the footpath between the South door and the West
door are causing a serious problem. This has been reported to those who will be carrying out the
Quinquennial inspection work in April.
Bins for the church grounds. The two new bins are now in place in the church grounds. It is our
responsibility to empty them.
4. Finance
The Budget for 2019 was circulated to the PCC and was unanimously approved.
The financial details for 2018 are now with the Auditors and copies will be available for approval at the
forthcoming AGM. There is a surplus figure but this is nominal as the loan repayments and fabric fund
contribution are not included. Various cash amounts (eg flower fund sums, entertainment) have been
rationalised and transferred into the fabric fund which now stands at approximately £60,000. There will
be an increase in income through extra use of church grounds (South Lawn in addition to North) at
Christmas this year. Liz and Pippa are working to create a shop function to help contribute to an
increase in income.
5. Mission Action Plan Review
The meeting agreed that the existing Mission Action Plan (circulated to the meeting) needs to be
updated. The overall plan will be looked at simply to update the details that have changed (eg in
relation to heritage HALO to LEO) but the meeting decided that the main area of focus should be
“Priorities for the next 5 years”. These priorities include targeting the increased town-centre population
with particular emphasis on the hard to access “gated” communities but also linking to the potential
younger worshippers via the University. Social media will be key for these ambitions and we will need
to develop a comprehensive social media strategy through a deliverable action plan. Increasing staffing
levels, through use of volunteers, will be a focus as church usage increases, creating more work
relating to the various activities taking place.
6. Safeguarding Policies for ratification
The policies were circulated to the meeting and unanimously approved (proposed by John Dewhurst;
seconded by Jennifer Pearce).
7. Annual Fabric Report
A summary of the Annual Fabric Report was circulated. Liz is happy to provide the full report to
anyone wishing to see it. Following on from the inspection the issue of pollarding the trees was raised
and it seems that this could be a possibility.
8. Church life review
o Hymns. It was agreed that we were generally very satisfied with David Condry’s choice of
hymns. A couple of points were raised: when there is no choir it was felt that starred verses of
hymns should be omitted; the offertory hymn needs to be a long one (but all appreciated
Matthew’s skill in additional playing before the final verse to allow sufficient time for the
o 9.30am service booklet. The response has been generally favourable even though not
everything can always be included and the type size may sometimes be rather small for some
people. Larger print versions can be made available but have not proved popular when
provided on other occasions.
o Lent talks. Details are now available – the overall topic is “In conflict”.
o Lent discussion groups. These will be held in conjunction with the URC and the Methodists:
Mondays at 7.30pm at the URC; Tuesdays at 2.30pm at All Saints (Heritage Gallery).
9. Health and safety and Safeguarding.
There were no items for discussion under this heading.
10. Kingston Team News
o Vicky Maunder is leaving St John the Evangelist in May to take up a post in the Diocese of
o David Bell has decided, upon his retirement from full-time work this year, to look at various
priesthood options available to him and will therefore be leaving the All Saints Team.
o The joint service this year will take place in June at St John the Baptist.
o A trip to Wintershall to see the Passion Play is being planned.
11. Deputy churchwardens’ meetings.
The notes from the meeting of 6th February were circulated to the PCC.
12. Forthcoming Events
Choir open day. A number of new young choristers have recently been recruited and it has been
decided therefore to postpone the choir open day planned for Sunday 3rd March.
Music with Soul. The next Music with Soul is on 27th March. We will be looking to Eclipse to help
promote it among their followers. Other suggestions were to contact Louise Walton, Faith Advisor at
the University and perhaps have leaflets available at services such as Baptisms where we might expect
a number of attendees to be non-regular churchgoers.
Sunday 23rd March – two weddings on the same day! The first is at 11.30am not 12noon as listed.
13. Any Other Business
Organist fees for occasional services. These were agreed as follows (subject to review as necessary):
non-choral services: £75.00
short non-choral services (less than 30 minutes): £50.00
choral services: £100.00
Defibrillator. It was agreed that we should go ahead with obtaining a defibrillator for the church.
May PCC change of date. The May PCC meeting will now take place on Thursday 2nd May rather
than Tuesday 7th as previously planned.
Archdeacon’s visitation. This was very successful; Area Dean Robert Stanier, on behalf of the
Archdeacon, was particularly impressed by All Saints’ commitment to maintaining a healthy Fabric
John Dewhurst. In addition to his election to Lay Chair of the Deanery Synod, John has also been
elected to the Diocesan Council of Trustees.
The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Tuesday 22nd January 2019, 7.30pm at All Saints Church
Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), David Bell, Martin Corner, Steve Guy, Alastair Deller, Liz
Deller, Eithne Fray, Carys Griffiths, Isabel Isaacson (Secretary), Anne Packer (for item 5:
Stewardship Campaign), Jennifer Pearce, Bob Seekings, Mark Stafford, Paul Thompson.
Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.

1. Apologies: John Dewhurst, Samantha Taylor, Beryl Walker.

2. Minutes of last meeting: Tuesday 20th November 2018 – minutes agreed with no

3. Matters arising
Choir stalls. The new choir stalls will be in use this coming Sunday, 27th January.

4. Finance
A financial report covering income and expenditure for 2018 up to 31st December was
circulated to the meeting: it was emphasized that this a preliminary report only as the data is
not yet complete. Relevant examples are Tax recovered under Gift Aid (this has not yet been
applied for) and Good Causes (awaiting Christmas Tree festival contribution). Church usage
is down (there were some one-off events in 2017). The wrong figure was included for the
Parish Support Fund Pledge and this will be corrected for the finalised budget. The
refurbishment of the War Memorial cost around £17,000. Funding was received from the East
Surrey Regimental Trust (£8,000) and a sum of £6,000 is expected from the War Memorials
Trust. This, plus reclaimed VAT will bring down the net cost to us to approximately £172.
Overall, the final totals should be roughly in balance. A more detailed discussion can take
place once the final figures are known.

5. Stewardship campaign
Anne Packer, Stewardship Secretary, joined us for this item; she circulated a summary of the
results of the campaign. The campaign drew attention to the £20,000 gap between the amount
pledged in 2018 and the amount needed from donations for the upkeep of the church. There
were more responses this year (66 against 53 in 2018). It was encouraging to have 11 brand
new pledges even if they were from previous cash givers as these are now a certainty and will
attract Gift Aid gains. Overall, the additional giving is £7,560 and this will put the 2019
budget under pressure.
For the future, the 120-130 ongoing commitments give a good base on which to build but
there is more work to do. Work is in progress on developing a variety of ways to make
donations see On-line giving and contactless donations under item 4. Finance in the May
2018 PCC Minutes.
The meeting thanked Anne and Leslie for their work on this campaign.

6. Policies for review
The following policies were circulated to the PCC ahead of the meeting: ASK Environmental
Policy; Fire Risk Assessment 2018; Health & Safety 2018; Whistleblowing Guidance 2018;
they were agreed without change.
The Safeguarding Policies 2018 will be sent round to PCC members with the minutes for
It was suggested that permission should be sought at Baptism interviews before children’s
names are put on the website/events list.

7. Environment Group update
The Environment Group’s next meeting is on Sunday 27th January (topics to be discussed
include bins for the church grounds; possible installation artwork to bring issues into church).
The Christian Aid Lent booklet focuses on climate change with daily reflections and ways in
which individuals can contribute. The meeting felt that this would be a good cause for our
Lent appeal. The “jam jar” method of collecting will be reviewed to see whether there is a
more convenient but equally popular way to achieve a good total. It was also suggested that
the environment could be a suitable theme for Lent services – this will be discussed by the
group at its meeting.

8. Bishop’s Mission Order
The letter to Bishop Christopher, starting the formal process of asking for a Bishop’s Mission
Order for the work of Sacred Space in the Kingston Parishes of St John the Evangelist and All
Saints, was circulated to the meeting. Details of the organisation and its aims are set out in the
letter. The PCC agreed to this proposal. All Saints would be under no obligation to have the
group operating in the church and would have to be happy with anything that might be

9. All Saints Kingston Choir Association – Draft Constitution
The draft constitution and Jonathan’s amended version were circulated to the PCC before the
meeting. The wording of the draft constitution and Jonathan’s suggested amendments were
discussed. The amendments make the point that the constitution has to be a suitable document
not just for the first year or so but for the foreseeable future; it needs clearly to enshrine that
this is about All Saints and that the Choir Association is based in the church; changing the
aims and objectives should be a matter in which the PCC is consulted. As it stands it could
appear to be a more distanced operation than originally envisaged. However, those who
drafted the constitution are worried that having to refer certain issues to the PCC could cause
A form of wording will be devised to satisfy these concerns so that agreement between the
authors of the constitution and Jonathan and the PCC can be achieved.

10. Church life review
o Under the topic children, on the website, Stephen Westrop is still mentioned.
o The new format for the 9.30am service sheet was generally welcomed as easier to use
and more practical than having to juggle three items of differing sizes. There is less
space so not everything can be included and some thought it a bit cramped.
Occasionally the readings may have to be omitted. If this is the case, readers who
expect to read from the sheet need to know in advance. It would be good have the
designation for each particular Sunday.
o All Christmas services were busy and successful.
o The new candle holders were easier and safer to use and very popular especially with
the crib service attendees. A request for them not to be taken away may be needed
next Christmas.
o 2 new choristers were recruited from attendance at the crib services.

11. Health and safety and Safeguarding.
o Pigeons are congregating along the roof ledge above the footpath between the South
door and the West door presenting a health hazard. This will be addressed when the
Quinquennial inspection work is carried out in April.
o 2 bins have been ordered for the church grounds in a bid to reduce rubbish left lying

12. Kingston Team News
o The joint service this year will take place at St John the Baptist in June.
o We are invited to join a Lenten Quiet Day which has been arranged by St John the
Evangelist. It is to be held at St Michael’s Convent in Gerard’s Cross on Saturday
23rd March.
o There is a plan for a possible trip to Iona to take place next year.

13. Deputy churchwardens’ meetings.
The notes from the meeting of 9th January were circulated to the PCC.
A large bin has now been provided for the baby-changing facilities and is a great

14. Forthcoming Events
Sat 26th Burns Night
Sun 27th 9.30am Baptism of Sophie Steibelt
Sun 3rd 6pm Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Candlemas)
Sat 9th 11am Environment Trust – Gruffalo illustrator
Sun 10th 9.30am Baptism of Flynn Rigby, Timothy Meads and David Paul Mills
Mon 11th 1.15pm lunchtime concert: Sarah McKenna (violin)
Mon 18th 1.15pm lunchtime concert: Endelienta Baroque
Thu 21st 11am-2pm Thumbs-up it’s Thursday Activity Day – Spring Crafts
Sat 23rd 3pm-6.30pm Kingston Rotatory Club’s ‘Big Sing’
Mon 25th 1.15pm lunchtime concert: Alice Bishop (soprano), Simon Marlow (piano)

15. Any Other Business
i. Discussed under item 7, above,
ii. The meeting agreed that a service of compline in Holy Week would be of value and worth
trying. It would take place on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 9pm. It was also
agreed that we might consider a longest night service (21st December).
iii. The AGM will take place on Sunday 7th April. It was noted that the electoral roll needs to
be renewed this year.
iv. Quiet Day – noted under item 12. Team News.
v. The PCC agreed the proposal that for Christmas 2019 Kingston First will occupy the whole
of the North lawn, both sides of the path: the Alpine village will be situated as for this year
and there will be stalls on the area previously occupied by the craft fair which will relocate to
the South lawn. There will be some practical issues – for example, the path from the Market
Square will need ramps and both locations will need generators. Protection will be needed for
the garden area. There may be ways for the church to capitalise on potential increase in
people passing through.
vi. A trip to Wintershall to see the Passion Play has been proposed.
vii. A promotional poster for the church was circulated to and approved by the meeting.
viii. The following were authorised as Chalice Assistants for 2019: Mike Bangham, Ann
Cornick, Penny d’Sousa, Simon Grout, Rodney Middleteon, Anne Packer, Jennifer Pearce,
Mark Stafford, Amanda Underwood, Joni Timmins, Geoff Warman, Mary Warman, Nick
Asabia, Kate Dunne.
ix. Change of dates for PCC meetings to accommodate Music with Soul, which has to take
place on a Wednesday:
the meeting of 27th March will now take place on Tuesday 26th March
the meeting on 11th September will now take place on Tuesday 10th September.
The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Thursday 22nd February 2018, 7.30pm at All Saints Church


Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), Martin Corner, Alastair Deller, Liz Deller, John Edwards, Eithne Fray, Carys Griffiths, Isabel Isaacson, Chris Mayo, Jennifer Pearce, Bob Seekings, Mark Stafford, Samantha Taylor, Paul Thompson.

Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.

1. Apologies: Rev’d Sandy Cragg, Philip Davies, John Dewhurst, Penny D’Souza, Peter Hann, Ed Humpherson, Tsetsy Kehayova, Philip Walker.

2. Minutes of last meeting: Tuesday 16th January 2018 – minutes agreed with no amendments.

3. Matters arising
• Regional groups. Work is going ahead to restart the regional groups – some additional people are being encouraged to join in the organising and there will be communication about the groups in the next couple of weeks.
• Director of Music. There has been a good standard of applicant for the role, and the original 11 has now been reduced down to five. Interviews and keyboard auditions will take place next Thursday, 1st March. Interviews will be conducted by Jonathan, Liz and Jennifer plus Stephen Disley, Assistant Organist at Southwark Cathedral. Following the interviews, the five will be further reduced to two who will work with rehearsing the choir for the weekend of 4th March, one for the 9.30 service and one for evensong,

4. Finance

The 2018 Budget, including the 2017 Budget and the 2017 out-turn figures for comparison purposes, was circulated to the meeting.

The out-turn for the 2017 nominal income and expenditure accounts showed a surplus of income over expenditure of £20,921. Our favourable financial situation at the end of 2017 meant that we were also able to use surplus cash within our accounts to increase the annual repayment of our development loan for that year from the usual £8,500 to £20,000. The income and expenditure budget for this year shows a predicted surplus of £7,580 and we will be repaying £8,500 of the loan, as normal. In addition, we intend transferring £10,000 from our General Funds to boost our Fabric Fund during the year, and each year in future, as agreed by the PCC in November 2017. If we are to sustain this, we must be aware that it will need to be matched by a commensurate increase in our regular income and progress with this will be monitored routinely.

5. Review of policies

The following policies were circulated to the PCC for review. They are all based on templates originating from the Diocese and are reviewed every year.

Environmental. This was approved unanimously. It was agreed that Alastair would check the way that the water charge for the church is calculated. Efforts will be made to make sure that bags for mixed and general recycling are available for the clearing up following events such as Burn’s Night.
Fire Risk. This was approved unanimously.
Health and Safety. This was approved unanimously subject to the following two amendments. The addition of the word “safety”, under Point 3 Electrical Safety, first section “Portable electrical appliances”, 4th item to read: “The Churchwardens will arrange for a rolling programme of portable electrical equipment safety testing …”
Appendix 2, first paragraph, second sentence beginning “Due regard …” – the deletion of the word “College” following “all these parties …”
It was noted that Health and safety and Safeguarding are regular PCC Agenda items.
Safeguarding. It was noted that there has been a change to the Choir safeguarding: five members of the choir have DBS clearance and are in a nominal supervisory role.
Vergers no longer require enhanced DBS checks: standard disclosure is sufficient.
The last bullet point under “Children’s Workshop” has information missing which is to be added. The policy was unanimously approved – Liz will arrange for it to be circulated with these changes.
Anything that arises from the DBS checks is notified to the Diocese who then discuss the matter with Jonathan.
Whistleblowing. This was approved unanimously. General complaints, ie those that don’t count as whistleblowing, should be directed to the Rector.

6. Mission Action Plan

The Mission Action Plan was circulated to the meeting and unanimously approved.

7. ASK Development – update on new building

Jonathan circulated a note to the PCC and the ASK Committee outlining the current position on the new building development.

8. Church Life Review

• Heritage and Learning Officer. The meeting expressed regret at Kate’s imminent departure. Even though funding for the remainder of the year has been agreed with the PCC, we would be starting to think about the way the role might change and develop once this period is over. It was agreed that it would be important to continue the programme set up by Kate but that a community role could be developed alongside that work, to engage with the community and to support the volunteers working in various areas connected to the church. A volunteer forum has already been set up under Kate’s guidance. The increase in church usage means that some support in relation to events taking place in the church would also be helpful.
• There will be a Team quiet day at the House of Prayer in East Molesey on Saturday 3rd March – more details will be available shortly.
• Some people were concerned that the homeless people coming into the café sometimes seem to dominate the counter area. It was felt that they should be encouraged to be seated.
• People walking through the church (particularly during the quieter week day services) to use the lavatories continues to cause distress to some members of the congregation. It was felt that, if available, vergers could try to guide people to use a less intrusive route (on fine days the outside path would be suitable).

9. Health and safety and Safeguarding

Concern was expressed that some parts of the church grounds are not especially well lit. People leaving church following evening events should use the main pathways from the church.

10. Kingston Team News

The Kingston Team Conference on the subject of the environment will take place on Wednesday 6th June at 7.30pm. The speaker will be Ian Christie from the Diocese Environment Advisory team.

11. Deputy churchwardens’ meetings

The notes from the meeting of 21.01.18 were circulated to the PCC.

12. Forthcoming Events

These are listed on the agenda.

13. A.O.B.

Plans are being made to renovate and repaint the memorial gates for 11.11.18 – there may be financial help from the War Memorials Trust to do this.

The next PCC meeting will take place on Wednesday 21st March.

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Thursday 12th October 2017, 7.30pm at All Saints Church


Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), Rev’d David Bell, Martin Corner, Philip Davies, Alastair Deller, John Edwards, Eithne Fray, Carys Griffiths, Ed Humpherson, Isabel Isaacson, Tsetsy Kehayova, Jennifer Pearce, Mark Stafford, Samantha Taylor, Paul Thompson.

Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.

1. Apologies: Liz Deller, John Dewhurst, Penny D’Souza, Julia Fionda, Peter Hann, Jeremy Jeffries, Bob Seekings, Philip Walker.

2. Minutes of last meeting: Thursday 7th September 2017 – minutes agreed with no amendments.

3. Matters arising

• Tower work: the original order for the replacement glass skylight has been cancelled and an order for correctly-sized glass placed with a different supplier. The replacement should be ready in approximately four weeks’ time.
• Possibly unsafe cherry tree outside the South door: this appears to be fine but a watch will be kept on it to make sure that nothing changes.

4. Finance

Income and expenditure. Alastair circulated the Income and Expenditure report to the meeting (1 January to 12 October 2017 with figures from 1 January to 12 October 2016 for comparison). Points to note were as follows.
• The new accounts system is now fully in place.
• We are basically running a balanced budget (there is currently a surplus of approximately £2,000).
• The number of bookings in the lead up to Christmas is slightly above average.
• The outstanding gift aid amounts come back to us in January.
• Heritage funding needs to be shown under “Income”.
• Work has started on the budget for 2018.
• A strategy document in relation to reserves is to be produced.

Renewal of insurance 2017. A paper detailing the insurance options available to us, and including a table comparing the competitors’ terms, was circulated to the PCC (“All Saints Kingston Parish Church – renewal of insurance 2017”). The proposed new suppliers, Trinitas, are the specialist arm of an insurance broker called Stackhouse Poland; their church insurance risk is placed with Aviva (formerly Norwich Union).

All Saints’ claims history includes the replacement of one of the stone gate pillars (£6,000); lead stolen from the roof; rain damage; broken stained glass; pigeon damage to organ keyboard. Also, in relation to safeguarding claims, EIO told us that the typical time from when a claim is incurred, i.e. the offence is committed, to when it is reported, is 17 years. The way both insurers work is that they will pay out on any valid claim which was incurred during a period whilst they were “on risk” i.e. our insurer, irrespective of whether they are our insurer at the time that the claim is reported.

The meeting agreed with the recommendation set out at the conclusion of the document (that a significant saving would be made by switching our insurance provider to Trinitas and that the terms of the cover and benefits provided would be comparable to those of our current provider, Ecclesiastical Insurance Office).

The meeting voted to approve the transfer of the insurance cover for the church building and grounds and for the premises at 48 Union Street (the Jo Malone shop) from Ecclesiastical Insurance Office to Trinitas (in favour: 14; abstention: 1).

There are one or two matters of detail to be finalised (eg use of smart water to ensure coverage of lead theft).

The meeting expressed its great thanks to Paul Thompson for his excellent work in thoroughly looking into this issue and making sure that questions on the detail were satisfactorily answered by both insurers.

[The Meeting agreed to take the “Stewardship” item next as it relates to Finance.]

6. Stewardship appeal

A draft stewardship letter, based on the one produced last year, was circulated to the PCC for comment. It was agreed that it would be desirable to make it as simple as possible whilst covering the relevant issues – this could be helped by bringing the summarising bullet points forward to a more prominent place in the leaflet. Key aims should be to target those not currently giving and to emphasise the importance of gift aid. The possibility of using social media to spread the message will be looked into. It was suggested that it might be appropriate to include a prayer on the front of the leaflet.

The stewardship campaign will be launched on November 5th when we celebrate All Saints’ Day.

5. ASK Development

Jonathan set out the position in relation to our HLF application.

Although it was disappointing that we were unsuccessful in our bid to the HLF it was not entirely unexpected. The feedback was very encouraging and the advice was to reapply to the London (rather than the national) Board. We should be helped by the local context and applying to the London Board should work in our favour. We are going to reapply and there will be a meeting to discuss the application in the week beginning 22nd October.

If the application is made in December we would hear the outcome in March; however, it may be that the application is made in March with the outcome in June.

Enquiries into the possibility of Royal patronage are ongoing.

7. Christmas services

The crib service attendance was high last year so it has been decided to have two crib services this year. A change to the positioning of the crib will be considered to make it more visible; the possibility of upgrading the crib will also be looked into.

Christmas services and events will be as follows.

Thursday 16th November 5pm: Christmas Lights switch-on service
Sunday 3rd December 6pm: Advent Carol Service
Saturday 16th December: launch of Christmas Tree Festival (Mayor attending)
Sunday 17th December 4.30pm: Community Carol Service
Sunday 24th December 8am: Holy Communion
Sunday 24th December 9.30am: Holy Communion
Sunday 24th December 4pm: Carols round the crib
Sunday 24th December 5.30pm: Carols round the crib
Sunday 24th December 11pm: Midnight Mass
Monday 25th Christmas Day 8am: Holy Communion
Monday 25th Christmas Day 9.30am: Holy Communion

8. Volunteer care proposal

A document setting out ways to improve the interaction between church and volunteers and thus to enhance the general volunteering experience was circulated to the PCC. As the number of volunteers grows (150 plus at present) so does the importance of good communication and management of the volunteer teams. The plan is to have regular specific meetings to disseminate information and to facilitate feedback and there will be clear reporting and communication lines.

This initiative was welcomed by the PCC.

The suggestion that the team leaders could be called co-ordinators rather than heads of group will be considered.

9. Winter Night Shelter

It is once again planned to run a night shelter for the homeless in Kingston to begin on 1st February 2018 and to finish mid-March 2018. All Saints Church has been asked once again to host the night shelter on Mondays (evenings/overnight/Tuesday mornings (breakfast)) during this period. It was agreed unanimously by the meeting that we should do this.

It will be in conjunction, as for Feb/March this year, with a team from the Doxa Deo Community Church (formerly Surbiton Community Church).) The dates are likely to be Feb 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th and March 5th, 12th 2018 – these are in the Church diary and confirmation will passed on to Kat as soon as possible. Isabel will send the details of the night shelter to Paul for insurance purposes.

KCAH will also be running a Severe Weather Emergency Provision (SWEP) shelter (as a pilot scheme this year) funded by an RBK New Initiatives Grant – this will be an occasional shelter that is set up for a few days at a time in response to a prediction of bad weather that could be detrimental to the health of street sleepers. This will be run separately to the regular night shelter and at a fixed location (most likely KCAH offices at St Peter’s Norbiton).

10. Church Life Review

Music with soul. The first gathering under the new form of service highlighted at September’s meeting took place on Wednesday 13th September and was well received. Approximately 80 people (including the choirs) attended and although there were several from All Saints congregation most were newcomers. There was a lot of enthusiasm – people were keen to come forward to light candles – but it was also an emotional and moving occasion for many. It was also an opportunity to hear less well-known readings, eg an extract from The Prophet by Khalil Gibran.

The next of these occasions is planned for Wednesday 1st November: its theme is “potential” and will feature the Eclipse choir and the Anstee Bridge choir. There will be a review after this to decide how to proceed.

One or two adjustments will be needed to the organisation of these gatherings (for example, there was a tendency towards applause which was solved by a direction to hold back until the end; also, people came forward to join the choirs towards the end and the altar area was rather overrun – it will be kept as sacred space on future such occasions). We will need to adapt to circumstances – for example, at the next occasion applause will be considered appropriate after the Anstee Bridge singing.

Joint Kingston University/All Saints public discussion of Facing the Future – Moral challenges in post-truth times. The first in this series of discussions took place on Thursday 12th October – the topic was “Why do so many people feel left out and left behind by mainstream politics and the economic system? What are the consequences? And what can be done?” with contributions from Magnus Ryner, Professor of International Political Economy, King’s College London, and Sir Ed Davey MP. The Deputy Vice Chancellor of Kingston University, Dr Clarissa Wilks, chaired the event and Louise Walton, the new Faith Adviser at the University, ran the question and answer session. It was well received and approximately 80 people attended it. The PCC agreed that it was a good collaboration with which to be associated and showed the breadth of the interests of the church. The meeting expressed its thanks to Leslie Packer for all the work he has undertaken in organising this series of discussions.

Andrew Williams. Andrew’s last service preaching at All Saints will be on Advent Sunday. John Richardson, formerly of St John the Evangelist, will now be taking some mid-week services. Other possibilities are being looked into.

Preaching rota. Peter Hann, Mick Cooper and Martin Corner will shortly be leaving the All Saints’ preaching rota. Peter will preach on Christmas Eve this year and Martin on Christmas Day.

11. Health and safety and Safeguarding

Duke of Edinburgh award scheme participants helping gardeners: there are no specific safeguarding issues relating to these volunteers – they will be looked after in the same way as anyone helping in the church on a voluntary basis.

Safeguarding update meeting: Jonathan, Phil and Amanda will be meeting shortly for a safeguarding update discussion. The PCC was reminded of the volunteer packs containing all relevant information for volunteers and also the necessity of DBS checks for volunteers.

12. Kingston Team News

It was confirmed that the team outing to Hampton Court planned for this Autumn will not be taking place.

The next team council meeting will be linked to All Saints Day celebration in 2018.

13. Deputy churchwardens’ meetings

The notes from the meeting of 29.09.17 were circulated to the PCC.

Check on meters for the solar panels. The company who installed the meters for the feed-in tariff from the solar panels is to check that they are correctly installed. The installers appear to have made an incorrect assumption about a tree being taken down. There is a strong suspicion that, because of this, the meters are not working properly.

14. Forthcoming Events

These are listed on the agenda.

15. A.O.B.

• PCC meeting change of date: the Church is needed for an event on the date originally planned (Thursday 9th November) so the next meeting will now be on Tuesday 7th November.
• The big leaf sweep: this is planned for Sunday 5th November – there will be a notice in the pew sheets.
• Community worker: Ann Cornick needs to work towards the handing over of the organisation and running of the Toddler Group. Consideration is being given to the employment of someone to take on this role as it seems that it is unlikely that it can be filled on a voluntary basis; there would be a possibility that such a role could be expanded into other areas.

The next PCC meeting will take place on Tuesday 7th November.

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Tuesday 14th March 2017, 7.30pm at All Saints Church


Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), Chris Ault, Martin Corner, Rev’d Sandy Cragg, Philip Davies, Alastair Deller, Liz Deller, John Dewhurst, John Edwards, Eithne Fray, Isabel Isaacson, Iain Nevill, Janet Nevill, Philip Walker.

1. Apologies: Rev’d David Bell, Penny D’Souza Peter Hann, Ed Humpherson, Chris Mayo, Jennifer Pearce, Julia Fionda, Tsetsy Kehayova, Paul Thompson.

Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.

2. Minutes of last meeting: PCC 22nd February 2017 – minutes agreed subject to the following amendments.
Item 4: Finance – replace existing text with the following:

“The preliminary income/expenditure January 2017 figures were circulated to the meeting. Accruals &c will appear correctly in the accounts after last year’s accounts are closed out, so some of these figures will change. There are also some outstanding issues from 2016 but, once these are ironed out, we will be in a position to send the 2016 accounts to our Independent Examiner.

“The following points were noted:
Gift Aid giving is up largely due to increased pledges for this year;
wall safe amounts are about the same (safes weren’t emptied at the end of January);
figures for tax recovered will be included as soon as the Gift Aid claim up to the end of 2016 is submitted;
Church usage includes some expenses accrued from last year;
Parish Support Fund: this now shows the correct sum;
increase in staff costs – due to introduction of pension scheme
caretaker – the January payroll costs shown also include those for December (when Robert Boardman commenced employment with us). The December costs will be correctly accrued to 2016 when the accounts are closed out;
printing &c increased costs reflects increased activity;
Church repairs – includes Ptolemy Dean’s fee for plans for work on the Tower;
heat, light, water – the last true readings were in February 2016, since when both the gas and electricity bills have been based on estimated readings; both meters have now been read and it is estimated that we have under-paid by around £207 for gas and by around £4632 for electricity. £173 of the excess gas charge will be accrued to 2016, as will £3860 of the electricity charge. However, we have already received £1950 for the electricity used by the Christmas Craft Fair, so the additional electricity cost for 2016 will be £1910. Paul has now read the meters and will continue to do so regularly.
There is just a small benefit from the photo-voltaic panels on the Church roof amounting to just a few hundred pounds a year.

“When the 2016 accounts have been finalised, we will look at rationalising some of our funds to ensure that we are making the best use of our financial resources. However, Alastair emphasised that all the bank accounts are fully reconciled up to date with no ongoing issues.”

Item 7: Safeguarding policies. It was confirmed that each of the safeguarding policies reflects the guidance issued by the Diocese.

3. Matters arising
(i) Café area drains. The pipes in the café area have been cleaned and drain-clearing fluid applied regularly. If the problem persists the contractors, who are returning in relation to the work on the Tower, will have another look.
(ii) A quote has been received from Daedalus for work on the leaking roof of the Bell Tower. The revised amount (before VAT, which we should be able to claim back, and fees) is £28,000. Savings have been agreed to ensure that this amount can be adhered to. It is hoped that work will begin very shortly after Easter. There is an option to suspend activity in the Bell Tower for a period of three weeks which will enable the work to be completed more quickly. The Bellringers will think about what might work best for them.
(iii) Following the discussions under A.O.B item (iii) at the last meeting, concerning the vote in General Synod on Marriage and Same Sex Relationships, Jonathan put together a letter to Bishop Christopher encapsulating the views expressed at the meeting this was circulated to, and approved by, PCC. It has been sent to the Bishop; so far no response has been received. The meeting agreed that an extract from Jonathan’s statement on the subject currently displayed on the church noticeboard should be reproduced in the church welcome booklet.
(iv) Philip Davies has responded to a request from Trip Advisor and produced a review of All Saints Church. The meeting welcomed this addition to our on-line presence.
(v) Deanery Synod Reps – those wishing to continue as representatives will make sure that their names are put proposed and seconded for the AGM; forms available on the table at the East end of the church.

4. Finance
(i) 2016 Accounts
A draft “End of Year Financial Statements” was circulated to the meeting. The draft figure for total income is £292,619. Information on Fund starting balances was not received until December 2016 so there will not be much transfer activity shown. It was noted with approval that the amount owing on the MCA loan is now £144,487 (from £159,483 in 2016).
There were no major shifts in asset valuations on the Balance Sheet. The parish set up a pension scheme for some of its employees in October 2016, as required by law, and pension contributions were the main additional payroll cost under “Liabilities”. “Reserves” remain basically the same – the £50,000 balance in the fabric fund will cover the work on the Tower.
The £111,786 was wrongly allocated to the restricted SLCF Fund so the movement of it to the General Fund is simply to correct this.
There was a modest increase in both income and expenditure. The estimated final surplus is £30,042; this doesn’t include the loan repayment (£9,000). Ways in which the potential surplus could best be used were discussed. The meeting agreed that £10,000 should be added to the Fabric Fund and that consideration should be given to paying off an additional six months’ worth of the loan but that this would be left to Jonathan and Alastair to decide.
Some of the Church funds need to be rationalized – these will be reviewed by the Finance Sub-committee and a paper for discussion brought to the PCC.
The meeting unanimously approved the accounts as currently set out, on the understanding that there will be some changes to come. An amended set of figures will subsequently be sent round to the PCC before the APCM and changes also will be highlighted at that meeting.
(ii) Finance Sub-committee
A finance sub-committee is to be formed to provide support to the Treasurer in his or her day-to-day work and a forum in which related issues can be discussed. Jonathan has approached Jeremy Skinner, John Ayles, Ed Humpherson and Tsetsy Kehayova.

5. ASK Development
(i) Museum. The Council team is currently working towards submitting a first round funding bid to the HLF in June. Jonathan has also had a meeting with our former fundraising team, Jacky and Sarah, to discuss ideas. The ground for the new building must be broken by September 2018 to remain within the planning permission timescale. However, before this can be done, bodies (approx. 250) must be removed from the area for development. This will either be a boxing-up of the remains to move them to Kingston Crematorium or a deeper burying of the remains in the church grounds.
If the first round bid is approved (September) then we will progress to the second round which will then include money for the movement of bodies from or within the church grounds.
The Coronation Stone was due to moved within the next six months but we have had to ask for this to be postponed whilst building work is taking place. So far the response has been unhelpful (involving a suggestion that we could move it and then move it again when work is finished resulting in a doubling of expense).
(ii) Seven Kings Embroidery. A meeting took place on Thursday 9th March with Jacky Puzey, the embroiderer chosen to work on the seven kings. She brought with her some very impressive samples of selected parts of the Athelstan panel, photographs of which were circulated to the meeting. Work will begin on the first panel on 27th March, working towards a delivery date of the panel (unmounted and unframed) in the first week of May. Advice has been sought from a specialist conservator on protecting the panels. This may mean that they will be behind glass but samples will be provided for visitors to examine and touch. Sandy and David Robinson will visit the workshops in Bristol on the 27th to see work begin. A piece will be prepared with photos for the magazine.
The first panel has been funded by an anonymous donation; and a second anonymous donation has been received. The Freemasons may be willing to contribute to fund “Athelstan”. A fundraising event will take place when the panel is in place asking local businesses etc to provide sponsorship.
Completion of the project may take two to two and a half years. A faculty from the Diocese is still needed – it is hoped that the finished first panel might provide encouragement for this.
The meeting expressed its thanks to Sandy and David.
(iii) Choir stalls. A design has now been received from the architect and Jonathan will be meeting with Kevin Davis and Stephen Westrop. An estimate of costs will be sought. Jonathan will then bring a proposal to the PCC on what action to take.

6. Church life review
(i) The inclusion of the first performance of a setting of the canticles by Louis Halsey at Evensong on Sunday 12th March was greatly appreciated.
(ii) The Annual Church inspection by the area Dean took place on Sunday 12th March.
(iii) Lent discussion groups have been well attended so far (13-14 at each).
(iv) The children helping with the intercessions at the morning service has been appreciated.
(v) A microphone has been installed to enable the recording of services and will make possible the accessing of services via the internet. Permissions from the choir have to be confirmed but the system should be available for use by Easter.
(vi) The wonderful display of flowers in the church grounds has been greatly admired and appreciated. The churchwardens have been in contact with the green saints to express thanks for their work in this.

7. Health and safety and Safeguarding
Health and safety. No issues were raised.
Safeguarding. A suggestion was made at the safeguarding audit meeting regarding the that plug guards should be used but it was decided against as modern sockets (which ours are) are designed with the safety of children in mind. An amendment will be added to the risk assessment.
John Dewhurst will take responsibility for carrying out risk assessments for church activities; he has created a risk assessment form. The meeting recorded thanks to John for taking on this task.

8. Kingston Team news
(i) St John the Evangelist has submitted its HLF bid.
(ii) David Bell is provided cover for the period of Vicky’s sabbatical.
(iii) There is a joint safeguarding training session planned for 14th June.

9. Deputy churchwardens meeting
The notes from the meeting of 24th February were circulated to the PCC.

10. Events
9th April: Evensong service will be presented differently – a service of word and music specially devised.
14th April: Good Friday 1pm-3pm – Children’s Workshop at St John the Evangelist.
23rd April: Annual Parochial Church Meeting at 11am in the Church. Up to seven new members can be elected this time. Standing down are Iain Nevill, Janet Nevill and Peter Croad.
24th June: 11am Ordination Service at All Saints

11. A.O.B.
Fresh expressions. Jonathan met Jim, the leader of the Eclipse Choir, to discuss a new type of service, with a different musical input, and which could attract new people to church. Jim was very enthusiastic about it; he has good contacts with several nationally significant choirs, raising the distinct possibility of being able to attract guest choirs to take part, eg Missing People’s Choir, as well as his own local people who meet to rehearse in the Church. The service will probably take place once a month on Wednesdays and, initially, Jonathan will lead the worship. The precise format is yet to be decided upon but there will be congregational; singing, perhaps a choir piece readings, a message. There will be a spirituality about it within a broad Christian context to help people with their prayers and to explore faith.

The next PCC meeting will be on Monday 8th May.

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Wednesday 22nd February 2017, 7.30pm at All Saints Church


Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), Chris Ault, Penny D’Souza, Alastair Deller, Liz Deller, John Dewhurst, John Edwards, Peter Hann, Eithne Fray, Isabel Isaacson, Chris Mayo, Iain Nevill, Jennifer Pearce, Paul Thompson,.

1. Apologies: Martin Corner, Philip Davies, Julia Fionda, Tsetsy Kehayova, Janet Nevill, Philip Walker.

Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.

2. Minutes of last meeting: PCC 18th January 2017 – minutes agreed.

3. Matters arising
(i) Filming at services. Anyone seen filming during services will be asked not to do so. Jonathan is giving a reminder at baptisms not to film during the ceremony and will think further about how to address the issue.

4. Finance
The preliminary income/expenditure January 2017 figures were circulated to the meeting. There are some outstanding issues from 2016 but a set of almost final accounts is now with the Auditors. Accruals &c will appear in the accounts after last year’s accounts are closed out.

The following points were noted:
Gift Aid giving is up largely due to increased pledges for this year;
wall safe amounts are about the same (safes weren’t emptied at the end of January);
figures for tax recovered will be included next month;
Church usage includes some expenses accrued from last year;
Parish Support Fund: this now shows the correct sum;
increase in staff costs – due to introduction of pension scheme
caretaker – half of the cost will be accrued to last year;
printing &c increased costs reflects increased activity;
Church repairs – includes Ptolemy Dean’s fee for plans for work on the Tower;
heat, light, water – meters were under-read last year (last true reading was in February 2016); gas was under-read by £207; electricity by £4632 (£3860 of this from 2016 so £772 accrued this year; the craft fair charge of £1950 leaves £1910 in this year). Paul has now read the meters and will continue to do so on a regular basis.
There is just a small benefit from the photo-voltaic panels on the Church roof amounting to just a few hundred pounds a year.

When the 2016 accounts have been finalized there are several funds that need to be examined. However, Alastair emphasized that the accounts are now fully up to date with no ongoing issues.

5. ASK Development
A meeting will take place on 23rd February to work on the HLF funding bid. The aim is to make the first round bid in June: we would hear the result this in September. It is important that the Borough has a contingency plan in case this doesn’t go ahead. The second round would be in March 2018 from which we would hear in June. It was emphasized that the Borough is firmly behind these plans – the money originally having been set aside by the Lib Dem Council as a fund to aid the development of the Museum. The ground for the new building must be broken by September 2018 to remain within the planning permission timescale.
ASK Development will now be a regular item on the PCC Agenda.

6. Ascension Day Service
It was accepted that a Choral Service for Ascension Day was a big undertaking for the choir for a relatively small congregational turn out – the least well attended of the mid-week feast days. It was agreed that, before considering a Eucharist service with hymns rather than a full choral service, the Ascension Day service would be given more and better publicity this year to try to improve attendance.

7. Safeguarding policies
The three safeguarding policies (for the Safeguarding of Children, Adults who may be Vulnerable and for Responding to Domestic Abuse) were unanimously approved by the meeting. The Procedures (how to put the policies into action) were unanimously approved subject to two amendments: the deletion of the first bullet point under the heading “The choir” and the addition of the ratios of children to adults under the sixth bullet point of the heading “Children’s Workshop”.
The safeguarding of any vulnerable adults working in the Café will be covered by the agreements between the Church and the relevant organization.
Whistleblowing policy. This was approved unanimously and mention of it will be included on the safeguarding summary on the noticeboards. Thanks are recorded to John Dewhurst for producing this policy.
All policies are now on the Church website.

8. Deanery Synod Representatives
The 4-year term for current Deanery Synod Representatives (Chris Ault, Eithne Fray, Isabel Isaacson, Jeremy Jeffries and Paul Thompson) ends this year. Chris has decided to stand down. Those wishing to continue as representatives will make sure that their names are put proposed and seconded for the AGM. John Dewhurst has expressed a willingness to stand for election as Chris’s replacement.

9. Church life review
(i) Burns Night was a great success raising £1300. Jennifer has now handed over the organization of next year’s event to others. The meeting recorded its thanks to Jennifer for her work over 9 years of organizing this popular annual event.
(ii) The children’s workshop is happy using the Choir Vestry.
(iii) The new Friday short service for small children and their carers, Praytime, is proving to be successful.
(iv) Interruption of concerts by noise from the café is being addressed by the use of plastic cups and plates; this seems to have made a difference. Peter Nadin is monitoring the children’s corner during Monday concerts to contain any noise.
(v) The final quote for the Tower staircase has proved to be quite high: efforts are being made to reduce it. The preference is to use the usual contractors but we may need to look for a second quote.
(vi) Good work by the sub-committee concerned with All Saints electronic presence, alongside Kat and Kate has resulted in an increased Facebook presence with 1200 people engaging with it.

10. Health and safety
Safeguarding will now be a standing item under Health and safety. John, Liz and Paul have prepared the following: A General Risk Assessment and a Fire Risk Assessment – no significant risks have been identified.
The Annual Fabric Inspection was circulated to the meeting and was approved unanimously and with gratitude. The meeting agreed that it would be acceptable to include a summary, rather than the whole report, in the Annual Report for the AGM. There was some concern about the condition of some trees in the churchyard, which are the responsibility of the Borough. Plans for the proposed new building include a revamp of the churchyard.

11. Kingston Team news
The team conference will take place on the evening of 14th June and a representative of the Diocese will be present to provide safeguarding training for the PCCs.
There will be a joint service with St John the Evangelist on 9th July.

12. Deputy churchwardens meeting
The notes from the meeting of 20th January were circulated to the PCC.

13. Events
Attention was drawn to the Talks (listed on the Agenda) and Study Groups (organized by Martin Corner and Ken Walker) that will be available during Lent.

14. A.O.B.
(i) There will be a non-Eucharistic Dawn Service on Easter Day.
(ii) Kingston First will be renting the whole of the Church grounds this Christmas. There will be the Alpine village (as for last year) plus a children’s activity area. The Craft Fair will be in Memorial Square.
(iii) Letters concerning the vote in General Synod on Marriage and Same Sex Relationships, one from Bishop Christopher and one from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, were circulated to the meeting for discussion. The general feeling was one of great disappointment whilst understanding the desire to preserve the unity of the Church of England and the Anglican Community world-wide. The meeting felt that the Church of England’s stance on same sex relationships was alienating a significant number of people, not just those from the gay community but anyone who believes that God regards us all equally.
It was agreed that the views expressed at the meeting should be communicated to Bishop Christopher; Jonathan undertook to put together a draft to be circulated to PCC members for approval.

The next PCC meeting will be on Tuesday 14th March.

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Wednesday 18th January 2017, 7.30pm at All Saints Church


Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), Chris Ault, Rev’d David Bell, Peter Croad, Penny D’Souza, Alastair Deller, Liz Deller, John Dewhurst, John Edwards, Julia Fionda, Peter Hann, Ed Humpherson, Eithne Fray, Isabel Isaacson, Tsetsy Kehayova, Chris Mayo, Jennifer Pearce, Paul Thompson, Philip Walker.

1. Apologies: Martin Corner, Iain Nevill, Janet Nevill.

Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.

2. Minutes of last meeting: PCC 23rd November 2016 – minutes agreed.

3. Matters arising
(i) Developing a new congregation. Jonathan has had a meeting with the Dean of Fresh Expressions and also with Andrea Campinale of the Church Missionary Society and suggests that a good next step might be to follow the route taken when plans were made for the church development, ie to talk to a group of people with whom All Saints already has a connection. The Rock Choir and the Eclipse Choir both regularly use the church. It was agreed that Jonathan should meet the leaders of the two choirs and explore the possibility of having a conversation with the people attending these. There may be potential to build a service around a particular sort of music. Once this has been followed up whatever comes out of it will be brought to the PCC for discussion. Other possibilities were mentioned, eg the inhabitants of Charter Quay, close to the church.

4. Finance
The meeting welcome Acting Treasurer, Alastair Deller, who gave a brief summary of progress following the ending in 2015 of the manual accounting scheme to the current position. All bank accounts have been reconciled from the beginning of 2016 to the end of December. Because of the amount of work involved in the changeover to appropriate financial software and the delayed availability of the 2015 accounts, the Budget for 2016 had to be based on incomplete information; some discrepancies had been unavoidable.

(i) Draft Income and Expenditure 2016
The shortfall in the Gift Aid giving was due to an overestimate in the budget figures. Church usage and rent of church grounds have been separated out in the 2016 draft – the combined total shows an increase over 2015 of around £30,000, mostly due to increased use of the grounds by John Cogger.
The church building is now regularly in use – it is regularly rented out three evenings a week and the church uses it for a further three. Saturdays are free for bookings and there are three regular concert hirers. The hiring fees have been raised for 2017 following research to compare pricing with other venues in the area.
The increase in personnel cost is largely due to the enrolment of some of our staff in a pension scheme in October. Increased printing, postage and stationery costs reflect increased activity.
There will be further increases in costs next year: the pension scheme for the whole year; the caretaker’s salary; the loss of the Heritage Lottery Fund grant towards the Heritage and Learning Officer’s salary from August.

(ii) Draft budget 2017
Changes to the budgeted amounts under the following headings in relation to the 2016 budget were noted as follows.
Plate collections /wall safes – an increase reflects the actual figures for 2016
Gift Aid Giving – the figure is based on the pledges now received by Anne under the stewardship scheme
SLCF (now called Parish Support Fund Pledge) – this is the actual amount pledged
The budget doesn’t include the loan repayments (£8,500) which will be covered by the surplus (£9,670).
The result is a broadly balanced budget. A full year using the new accounting system provides a base of accurate and accessible facts and figures going forward which will enable our financial performance to be measured against them.
All of these improvements are the product of a huge amount of work undertaken by Alastair and represent a great step forward in the monitoring and management of the church’s finances. The meeting showed its appreciation of Alastair’s contribution with a round of applause.

(iii) Stewardship
A results update (as at Sunday 15th January 2017) from Anne Packer was circulated to the PCC.

5. New Building update
This will be a two-storey, three-level (includes basement) building. A large part of Kingston Museum will move into the space. The balance of usage between museum and church is to be negotiated as part of the deal as is compensation for loss of usage of that part of the grounds. The building will be owned by the church and leased back to the Borough on a lease of no more than 25 years.
Emphasis was placed on the importance of recognizing that we will have a new building but that it will be fundamentally a museum. The PCC understood this and were content with it. The museum focus will be on Saxon history; there will be an education centre, café, cloakrooms and space for community activities. Further thought will be needed on how the character of the church café might develop; whether the church office could be accommodated in the new building (enabling a return of the vestry to its originally-intended purpose); a rethinking of how the heritage gallery/choir vestry is used.
The New Building will accentuate our presence in Kingston as it continues to grow and develop its retail sector and residential properties.
The main sources of funding include £4million contribution from the Borough and application for Heritage Lottery Funding of £4.8million currently in progress and in relation to which a meeting has already taken place. Work on the project will not begin until we are sure that the finance is in place.
The next step is to await a response from the HLF meeting. It is important that the Borough has a contingency plan incase the HLF doesn’t go ahead.
The scheme has been approved under the Pastoral Measure 1983 (copy circulated to meeting). Independent legal advice will be sought to be sure that the lease dovetails with this document. It was noted that planning permission for the project expires in 2018.

6. Draft Environmental Policy
The meeting approved the Environmental Policy subject to a change of order under “Actions” list – “to celebrate God’s creation in our worship” is to be the first item on the list. The meeting expressed thanks to Liz and the sub-committee for their work on this and for producing a commendably straightforward policy.

7. Church life review
(i) It was noted that worshippers were being disturbed during services by people using the crossing. This can be controlled during major services by use of sides people on both doors. Before increasing use of sides people at evensong (where the problem is most noticeable) it was agreed that we should ensure that the “Service in progress” notices are displayed, perhaps in the lobbies for greater clarity. Anyone seen filming during services should be asked not to do so and child protection issues should be explained to them. Jonathan will give a reminder at baptisms not to film during the ceremony.
(ii) All Christmas services were well attended; the crib service was very crowded and two services may be needed this year. It was asked whether we were considering a Christingle service; the response was that we had no plans for one at this stage.
(iii) A slight concern had been expressed about the safety of processing at baptisms whilst hymn-singing. Following some discussion, the meeting decided that it was safe to do so.
(iv) The meeting agreed that, although there always seemed to be members of the congregation taken by surprise by the collection, it did not need to be announced. At services (eg baptisms) where there might be a number of people unused to church the collection could start at the opposite side to give the baptism party time to see and understand what was happening.
(v) It was agreed to reinstate the pause by the crucifer in front of the altar at the end of the service to enable the congregation to bow before the cross. So that the cross remains upright, the crucifer will not bow.
(vi) The meeting agreed to support the Diocese Lent appeal.
(vii) The meeting strongly endorsed the value of the “Topical Lunches” and Leslie Packer’s excellent work in organizing relevant and interesting subjects and speakers. It was agreed that it was exactly the sort of interaction with the community that was valuable in church life and the meeting heard from David Bell (who had chaired one of the meetings) that the opportunity to connect with the community was greatly appreciated by the speaker, Kingston’s Borough Commander, Superintendent Glenn Tunstall. It was agreed that there was a need for greater publicity for these events.
(viii) A sub-committee will be set up to help support All Saints electronic presence. Penny D’Souza and Chris Mayo volunteered; it was thought that, although not present, Phil Davies might like to be included, too.
Some issues with the website were mentioned (eg Events calendar only extends to the end of March). Where England Began website is to be revamped.

8. Health and safety
The Health and Safety policy has been amended to take account of concerns expressed for the personal safety of people who find themselves carrying out duties on their own in the Church.
The kneelers in the chapel are to be removed from the vicinity of the candle stand (recently two were noticed on the shelf behind the lit candles).

9. Kingston Team news
• Vicky Maunder will shortly be on sabbatical; thanks was expressed to David Bell for the cover he will be providing at St John’s.
• The team conference will take place on the evening of 14th June; venue to be confirmed.

10. Deputy churchwardens meeting
The notes from the meeting of 9th December were circulated to the PCC.

11. Events
Saturday 28th January – Burns Night: The take up for Burns’ Night has been good; there are still a few spaces remaining.

12. A.O.B.
(1) AGM. Date has been fixed for 30th April. [NB: Following the meeting a request was made for the AGM to be on the 23rd April and, there seeming to be no reason not to, we have agreed that as the date.]
(2) Choir stalls. We are currently awaiting designs from Ptolemy Dean.
(3) Lent Groups.
• A joint course with LEP/URC is available to examine the Lord’s Prayer;
• Martin Corner and Ken Walker are putting together a study group based on the subject and writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
(4) It was agreed it would be good to record the lunchtime Lent Talks for those who were unable to attend them and to make them available on the website.

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames
Parochial Church Council Meeting
Wednesday 19th October 2016, 7.30pm at All Saints Church


Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes (Chair), Chris Ault, Rev’d David Bell, Martin Corner, Liz Deller, John Dewhurst, Philip Davies, John Edwards, Julia Fionda, Peter Hann, Eithne Fray, Ed Humpherson, Isabel Isaacson, Chris Mayo, Iain Nevill, Jennifer Pearce, Paul Thompson, Philip Walker

1. Apologies: Tsetsy Kehayova

Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.

2. Minutes of last meeting: PCC 20th September 2016 – minutes agreed.

3. Matters arising
• Item 6: two additional stewards have been recruited
• Item 11. A.O.B. (i) a floor-cleaning machine has been bought. Liz is supervising cleaning plan. (ii) there are three new probationer choristers

4. Finance

(i) September statement of expenditure and income
The year to date shows a deficit of £13,248 but the £20,999 owed under “Heritage Funding” is simply a case of money to be transferred from the Heritage Trust and the £14,015 under “Tax Recovered under Gift Aid” is a matter of timing.
At present we are living within our means but need to be aware of financial responsibilities including such things as building repair for which provision needs to be made.
A more realistic figure for Gift Aid Giving is being looked at – the budget figure was affected by some one-off donations – and the deficit will be around £2,000, rather than the £23,541 currently shown. The figure for 2017 Budget will be £80,000 plus what we aim to achieve in the stewardship campaign – we know that we do need £100,000 for 2017.
There is a variance against church usage but much of the usage occurs in the last quarter, plus there is possibly some confusion in these amounts between usage of the church and usage of the church grounds. The church is increasingly busy with a wider variety of events and fees will be increased next year to a more realistic level. The need to try to induce givers to the plate collections to Gift Aid their donations was acknowledged. Having Gift-Aid envelopes to hand would help and we will look into ways to do this.

(ii) Stewardship
The stewardship letter will be ready for distribution on 30th October. A list has been compiled of members of the congregation to target, eg groups including workshop, choir, and so forth and team “captains” will be sought to take control of the identified groups. It was agreed that the stewardship message at the EGM on Sunday 16th October was clear and succinct in setting out our responsibilities and our ability to meet them.
It was agreed that it would be useful to have a bank of photos appropriate to various requirements for future campaigns and Philip Davies kindly offered to look at starting to compile one.

(iii) Debit card for the Parish Clerk’s account
The PCC agreed at the meeting of 14th October 2015 that Jonathan’s PA, Katarina Hardy, should have a credit card for use on church business. It is now become clear that what she actually needs is a debit card. This was proposed to the meeting by Philip Walker, seconded by John Dewhurst and unanimously agreed.

5. A caretaker

There has been for some time an acknowledged need for a caretaker for the church but a decision has been dependent upon the final 2015 accounts. A draft job description was circulated to the meeting. Payment of £10,000 per annum will give us 20 hours a week of that person’s time (NI not included in this amount). Comments on the job description were: holiday entitlement will need to be added; under “Person specification” add “and” after “robust”; “menial” was queried but it was felt important that the applicant should be aware of the variety and range of tasks that the job would entail.
There is an arm of the Balance organization that helps adults with learning difficulties to obtain employment. Jonathan has contacted them as there are significant parts of the caretaker’s job that someone from Balance might be able to do. The caretaker role would eliminate the need for a separate cleaner and would take in some of the tasks currently carried out by Peter Nadin. It was felt desirable that if possible Peter could continue in his role and assist the caretaker in areas with which someone from Balance might not feel at ease. If Balance had a suitable candidate they would undertake a 12-week probationary period, paid for by Balance.
The meeting expressed enthusiasm for the Balance solution and it was agreed that Jonathan should pursue. If for some reason it didn’t work out then the job would be advertised through the usual avenues: job centre, churches network etc.
It was emphasized that the caretaker role would not replace the role of vergers in the church.

6. Commissioning work to the Tower

The work on the Tower was not put out to tender as Daedalus originally quoted for this work when carrying out the refurbishment of the church – the specification was circulated to the meeting (the costs will be around £25,000 with a 10% contingency allowance; architect’s fees (approx. 10% of total) not included in this). The meeting unanimously agreed that the work on the Tower should be carried out.
The restoration work needed on the East Surrey gates may be eligible for a lottery grant.
The damp in the wall at the West end will probably need to be fixed by extra lead roofing. A temporary measure is to strip and replace the plaster and then repaint it.

7. Development update – new building

Following a recent meeting with the Borough representative responsible for finding a solution to the Museum location, Jonathan reported that it was felt that the new church building would be the best option. The Museum functions are to be split and the Saxon History and History of Kingston are the areas to be housed in the new church building. The external appearance and dimensions of the building would remain as for the original plans and would be a huge advantage as no new planning permission would be needed and no extra faculties. The interior design is open and flexible and will accommodate a variety of requirements. The planning permission is active for a further two years.
A requirement for our partnership with the Council in this project is that we will own the finished building; we will also require compensation for loss of income from the use of the church grounds. There will be a commitment of no more that 25 years to this partnership so that our successors are not tied into this arrangement.
A large Heritage Lottery Fund grant is needed for this – the Council will apply for it but because of our experience in this area, All Saints will lead on it. We have a track record of having received the grant, carrying out what we agreed we would do – this will reassure the HLF that their money will be well-spent. The Borough will contribute funds, too, which could come from the redevelopment of the Museum/Cattle Market area.
Details of this project will be circulated to the PCC for discussion and approval.

8. Church life review

• Café. (i) Notices: An incident of a service taking place in church but no notices to say so was reported to the meeting. Notices should be in place – continuing efforts will be made to try to ensure that this happens. Listed menu items not available: Jonathan is aware of certain issues of concern in relation to the service provided by the café. He has met the person with overall responsibility who is aware of the problems and is taking steps to address them. They are quite major and need to be carefully handled so will take a little time to resolve.
• Leslie Packer’s initiative in a joint venture with the university, aided by Faith Adviser at the University, Andrew Williams and Martin Corner, was praised as a way of increasing intellectual offerings to those interested and drawing together a varied group of people from different backgrounds within the parish. This initiative started with a lecture series on Matthew Arnold, presented by Martin, and it is hoped that more will be planned for the future.
• The meeting was made aware of Kingston Hospital’s plans to create a new space for spiritual matters to include a chapel, meeting room and one-to-one counselling area. They will be looking to local parishes for support in this.

9. Health and safety

• We now have our own PAT testing equipment with which Brian Cornick is currently carrying out the testing of portable electrical appliances in use in the church.
• Iain Nevill is kindly going to fix a further four loose paving slabs in the church yard.
• Daedalus have been in to (i) repair the Angel’s broken wing and (ii) replace non-functioning lights.

10. Kingston Team news

The trip to Winchester was a great success.
It has been suggested that in late Spring/early Summer next year the Kingston Team’s PCC could get together for a joint PCC conference.

11. Deputy churchwardens meeting

4. Attention was drawn to the children’s party at St John the Evangelist on Sunday 6th November.
7. We have suspicions but we do not know that drugs are being used in the church toilets. Anyone known to be doing so will be banned from the building.

12. Events

November 12th – this Banquet Records event is still to be confirmed. It takes place on the Saturday evening prior to Remembrance Sunday.
November 17th – there will be a Christmas Lights Service.

Pilgrim Course: David Bell is running a course which will examine our core beliefs and how they relate to our lives. This starts on Wednesday 16th November and runs for six weeks up to Christmas.

13. A.O.B.

A Deanery Funerals Administrator was appointed to assist in arranging church funerals and to help to make the process more straightforward. Fourteen churches have signed up to this (a payment per church of £100) and a trial of one year is taking place. It is felt that a second year is needed to accurately assess whether or not it’s worth continuing. The meeting unanimously agreed to support a second year.

Next meeting: Wednesday 23rd November.

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames

Parochial Church Council Meeting

All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames

Extraordinary General Meeting
16 October 2016 at All Saints Church at 10.45am

Attendance The meeting was attended by forty-seven members of the laity, with Jonathan Wilkes, Team Rector, Chairing

Jonathan explained that the meeting is a statutory meeting held for the purpose of approving the 2015 Accounts. This is as set out in the minutes of the AGM held on Sunday 24th April 2016 at All Saints Church.

The PCC Treasurer, Jeremy Skinner, took the meeting through the accounts page by page to draw attention to specific issues as follows.

Front page: as stated on the front page, the 2015 Accounts have been produced by an external firm of Chartered Accountants, HPH, of York. They also provided the external examiner. It is unlikely that All Saints PCC will need external help for the 2016 Accounts but if needed it will very much less.

Pages 1 to 4: These pages cover the Annual Report of the PCC and include a financial overview plus aim and purpose, objectives and activities, achievements and performance and administrative information (the PCC members for 2015, PCC’s bankers and the independent examiner). The accounts will be signed by Jonathan and by the independent examiner to signal approval by the PCC.

Page 5: The Independent Examiner’s Report; page 6 the statement of financial activities and page 7 the balance sheet. Pages 8 to 14 contain the notes to the financial statements.


Keys points include:
• An overall increase in income: donations and legacies up by £31,000; trading activity increased over the 2014 figures partly due to greater church usage following the completion of the refurbishment of the church but also due to 2014 figures being depressed by the closure of half the church for the building work during that period. The result is that on ordinary activities we have a small surplus.
• There is a significant loss on designated funds as a result of assets used to complete the church refurbishment.
• Page 11 sets out church income in detail. Planned giving increased by £16,000 due to increased congregational numbers and increased giving; the post of heritage officer is funded by the HLF until 2017 and this amount is included under “other income”. The church usage increased as expected in the first full year of the refurbished church.
• Page 12 gives an analysis of expenditure. Increased expenditure included the contribution to the Diocese (SLCF Assessment £104,157) and the full year salary for the Rector’s PA (this was a vacancy for part of 2014). Organ and piano costs show an increase but only because these are now listed as a separate item whereas formerly they were included under “Sundry expenses”. Insurance payments haven’t actually fallen, the method of payment has changed and premiums are now paid monthly. Increased printing costs are due to the leasing of a new printer and also reflect greater church activity. The loan amount of £170,000 is included under “Designated funds”.
• Page 13: 4(a) staff costs. There were no payments to any members of the PCC. 5 Tangible fixed assets: the main item under this heading is the rental from the premises currently occupied by Jo Malone. As there had been a recent valuation there was no revaluation for these accounts.
• Page 14: 8 Creditors: £157,000 outstanding loan used for the development of the café area. The café income more than covers interest and repayment. 9 Unrestricted and designated funds – funds have been allocated to replenish the Fabric fund of £1560 to £50, 000
• Fabric fund is to now £50,000 to be sure to enable the maintenance of the building in its refurbished form. There is currently work needed on the Tower staircase (£25,000) and on the west end (£10,000).

Jeremy concluded that the overall financial position was respectable but tight – we are maintaining an ancient historic building plus supporting the Church’s purpose in the diocese.

Jonathan added that it was good news in the accounts but added that the loan reflects surplus at the end of 2015 as it was income that we didn’t have to pay out on then. The insurance, likewise, appeared as less expenditure due to the way it is now paid. Costs have increased as we have changed from a small parish usage to a town-centre, open seven days a week, operation. As far as reserves are concerned the Charities Commission guidance is for three months’ expenditure to be held in reserve (ie ¼ of £260,000).

Stewardship campaign. Leslie Packer spoke briefly to the meeting regarding the forthcoming stewardship campaign. He firstly emphasized that only Anne Packer (Stewardship Officer) and the PCC Treasurer know individual giving details. The target last year was set at £98,000 and promises of £83,000 were collected which resulted in a total of £80,000. (Some up-front payments in November and December also resulted in the Accounts being ahead of what was expected.) Approximately half of the £260,000 needed to maintain and run the church is met from external sources (rent from the Jo Malone shop, John Cogger’s use of the grounds, the Christmas fair, church rental for events); the amounts remaining (£130,000) is reduced by gift aid to £100,000 and the stewardship campaign will focus on that figure. Last year 20 new gift aid givers signed up – a further 20 this year would be an excellent result.

Jonathan then opened the meeting up for questions.

1. Concern was expressed over the lease of the café (3years) when compared to the term of the loan (25 years). However, it was felt that we could be confident, given our town-centre location, that the café space could and would be filled if or when the current lease ended.
2. Debtors as at 31 December 2015 were not a cause for concern. The debts have subsequently been paid in 2016.
3. It was agreed that the matter of the church lawns potentially being used up to 10pm is to be discussed further outside the meeting.

There were no further questions raised.

Attention was drawn to the questionnaire that was handed out at the 9.30 service and available at the meeting for everyone to take a copy and complete.

Jonathan raised the motion that the accounts be accepted:
Proposed by John Dewhurst; seconded by Hilary English. Agreed unanimously by the meeting.

This was Jeremy Skinner’s last act as PCC Treasurer; the meeting recorded its thanks to him.

An interim PCC Treasurer is needed to cover until a new Treasurer has been appointed. The appointment to the interim role of Alastair Deller was proposed by Anne Packer and seconded by Joni Timmins. It was unanimously agreed.

The meeting ended at 11.20am.

Parochial Church Council Meeting

Wednesday 15th June 2016, 7.30pm at All Saints Church



Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes, Martin Corner, Philip Davies, Liz Deller, John Edwards, Eithne Fray, Peter Hann, Ed Humpherson, Isabel Isaacson, Tsetsy Kehayova, Jennifer Pearce, Paul Thompson

Leslie Packer (for item 5: Finance – Looking to 2017

  1. Apologies

Apologies received from: Chris Ault,  Rev’d David Bell, John Dewhurst, Penny D’Souza, Julia Fionda, Chris Mayo, Philip Walker

Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.

  1. Minutes of last meeting

PCC, 10th May 2016: minutes agreed.

  1. Matters arising

o    Holy water. It was agreed to provide a small bowl of Holy Water in the niche outside the Trinity Chapel for a trial period following requests received by visitors to the church.

o    Table-top sale. It was confirmed that there would be a table-top sale on Saturday 25th June, 10am to 4pm, as planned.

o    Safeguarding of choir children. A rota of designated adults has been drawn up to monitor the area in and around the choir vestry (including the church grounds nearby) to ensure that the children in the choir are kept safe during the period between the end of the 9.30am service and the start of the trebles’ rehearsal.

  1. Finance

The meeting welcomed the news that Tsetsy has joined the finance team to provide administrative support for Alastair and Jeremy.

A summary of the financial activity for the first four months of 2016 was circulated to the meeting. There are at present no actual figures for 2015 but we can make sensible estimates.

Some good improvements have been achieved: there will be more income from John Cogger and from the Christmas craft fair this year; insurance is now paid monthly rather than annually. It would be helpful to be more accurate on gift aid giving amounts (the figure is based on the last 4 months of 2015); Anne Packer will be looking into this. A meter reading will be submitted this year in July for the photovoltaic panels.

The Accounts for 2015, which are currently being prepared by an outside firm of accountants, should be available by the end of July to enable the drawing up of a draft budget and discussion at an extraordinary general meeting in September.

For the timing being our pledge to the Diocese will remain at a 2% increase; it will be reviewed when we have the actual figures for 2015.

Concern was expressed at the difficulty of asking for financial contributions whilst not having actual figures to indicate what will be needed but it was agreed that this was unavoidable as the circumstances this year have been exceptional. We now have an excellent new accounting system in place but it was an enormous task to get to this position and done entirely by the great efforts of volunteers taking on major roles within the church structure.

The meeting recorded its thanks to Alastair and Jeremy.

  1. Finance – Looking to 2017

Leslie Packer joined the meeting to discuss a paper produced on Anne’s behalf looking to All Saints’ financial needs for 2017. The paper provided an estimate of the likely amount on the basis of figures from Jeremy and Alastair and also a summary of projected income.

All figures are provisional – in particular the level of paying events in the church will have a bearing. There are two new important needs to take into consideration: the desirability of paying a sum each year (suggested £10,000) into a fund for repairs; the covering of half the cost of the heritage officer’s salary. Given the greater use of the church and the aim to increase this further there is also the need for a janitor.

The meeting agreed that the approach last year worked well (open books; keep it simple; talk about £££, rather than percentages). There are new people in the church who need to be engaged; there is a lot of unpledged plate giving that needs to be translated into pledged, gift-aid, or envelope scheme giving. We also need to guide the congregation towards annual reviews/increases in giving; a guide as to what they might expect to give based on income. The focus should address those who haven’t responded or aren’t giving anything and those who are new to the church. We should illustrate what “good giving” looks like. There should be clear explanations of where and on what the money is to be spent.

For now, we continue to monitor the financial figures and take stock as we approach the time of the appeal and then a re-examination once we have the actual accounts for 2015.

The meeting recorded thanks to Leslie and Anne for their work on the stewardship campaigns.

  1. A simple order for daily prayer

Jonathan circulated a simple order for daily prayer to the meeting for discussion. It came out of the prayer survey conducted last year and is intended to provide a structure for people to use in their daily lives. It was considered that there might be an opportunity to ask people to make a gentle commitment to prayer/praying for a trial period.

Some suggestions/additions were discussed; Jonathan will incorporate these and re-circulate the paper.

  1. Church Life Review
  • The point about where people should stand at baptisms has been taken on board and is working well.
  • Some concern was expressed that the “professionalization” of flower arranging in church might discourage people from coming forward to help or to make gifts of flowers. This was not the intention and care would be taken to encourage all levels of involvement.
  • The confirmation service was very enjoyable, providing an opportunity to experience the ways of other churches.
  • A cherry-picker is needed to replace lights in church and the opportunity will be used to identify where the squirrel is gaining ingress with the aim of stopping it.
  • During one of the recent heavy downpours the chapel roof let in some water; it was thought that blocked gutters caused this. When they are clear it was suggested that something be placed in them to deter birds from nesting etc.
  • There is a brief summary in the vergers’ folder of information to give to homeless people coming into the church for help.
  1. Health and Safety
  • Two of the drains inspection hatches in the west end path are damaged (probably by the very wet weather causing damage to their supports); repairs are being arranged.
  • The “dust-buster” is missing – the office staff will be asked to look out for it.
  1. Kingston Team news
  • There will be a joint service at St John the Baptist church, Kingston Vale, on 19th June at 10.30am to celebrate their patronal festival; this means that there will be no 9.30am service at All Saints on that day.
  • Team council meeting: last year’s trip to Cambridge was a success; this year a trip to Winchester is being planned for 15 October.
  1. Deputy churchwardens

The next meeting is on 17 June.

  1. Forthcoming events

These were noted as set out on the agenda, subject to the inclusion of the table-top sale on Saturday 25 June in the church grounds.

The Service on 1 July commemoration the first day of the Battle of the Somme will take place at 12noon and will replace silent prayer on that day.

  1. A.O.B.

Choir stalls: we have collected £28,000 towards new choir stalls which is enough to make a start. Jonathan and Kevin Davies have written a brief for Ptolemy Dean who will produce a design for PCC to approve. The choir stalls will be made by those who did the woodwork for the restoration.

Friends of All Saints. There was no great reaction to the note circulated at the AGM so plans will be put in place for the winding up of the Friends organization.

The meeting closed at 9pm with the Lord’s Prayer.


Next meeting: Wednesday 27 July 2016.
Tuesday 10th May 2016, 7.30pm at All Saints Church


Rev’d Jonathan Wilkes, Chris Ault, Philip David, Liz Deller, John Dewhurst, Penny D’Souza, John Edwards, Julia Fionda, Eithne Fray, Isabel Isaacson, Tsetsy Kehayova, Chris Mayo, Iain Nevill

1. Apologies
Apologies received from: Rev’d David Bell, Martin Corner, Rev’d Sandy Cragg, Peter Hann, Ed Humpherson, Jennifer Pearce, Paul Thompson, Philip Walker

Jonathan opened the meeting with a prayer.

The meeting welcomed the three newly-elected PCC members: Philip Davies, Julia Fionda and Chris Mayo.

2. Minutes of last meeting
PCC, Tuesday 15th March 2016: minutes agreed.

3. Matters arising
o Holy water. It was agreed that this item should be carried over to the next meeting as it was initially raised by Martin Corner who was unable to be here.
o Designs for the Seven Kings for the East End niches. Jonathan has responded to the concerns of the Diocesan Advisory Committee (discussed at the PCC meeting in March). The DAC has asked to see a trial piece of the embroidered fabric to see how the drawings will be interpreted. It makes sense from our point of view to work on a complete King and this is what has been suggested to the DAC. The plan is for the trial piece to be King Athelstan as the image can also be used in other ways, not just in the wall niche. We are now awaiting approval for the painted designs to be placed in their niches at the East End.
o Safeguarding Policy. The Diocesan safeguarding officer has suggested, in relation to the monitoring of the children in the choir between the end of the 9.30am service and the start of the trebles’ rehearsal, that a slightly more active role is needed than the one indicated by the suggested re-wording of the Safeguarding Policy. The relevant wording will thus be amended to read: “We will specifically ensure that children in and around the choir vestry are monitored by a designated adult at this time.” Jonathan will send round an email setting out what is required and a rota will be organized.

Additional agenda item:

3A. Role and responsibilities of the PCC
Jonathan circulated a document setting out the role and responsibilities of the Parochial Church Council. He drew the attention of the meeting to the following.
Body corporate. PCC members are not personally responsible but commitments made by the PCC have to be honoured even when membership changes.
Structure within which PCC is set. The Bishop is in overall charge of the churches in the diocese but delegates his authority to Jonathan as Rector to act on his behalf in the parish. An example of this is the delegation to the priest of the sacrament of baptism with the Bishop retaining responsibility for confirmation. The members of the PCC are the elected representatives of the congregation and the parish priest consults and works with the congregation via the PCC. The life of the PCC incorporates local issues (everything that happens in the geographical location of the parish, eg businesses, visitors, shoppers &c) and in church (which would include visitors to the church as well as services and so forth) and also national issues, represented by Deanery, Diocesan and General Synod.
Specific responsibilities. These are concerning the building, finances, people (volunteers and paid employees). There are also specific responsibilities in relation to the appointment of parish priests which involve two elected representatives (usually but not necessarily the churchwardens) who consult with the Bishop.
Standing committee. All Saints has a system of deputy churchwardens (4 at present) not all of whom are members of the PCC. The churchwardens, deputy churchwardens and Jonathan (with PCC secretary taking notes) form a chapter which operates as standing committee. It was suggested that this be formalized to be our de facto standing committee; this was agreed unanimously by the meeting.
PCC Vice-chair. Jonathan proposed that the role of vice-chair be undertaken by the churchwardens. Agreed unanimously by the meeting. The churchwardens are elected for one year at a time but can serve for six years. They can stand for re-election after a minimum of one year has passed.
Priorities. Although it is essential to ensure that the PCC functions in the right way, Jonathan stressed the importance of not getting stuck inside procedure and process at the expense of losing sight of our ministry. We need to be welcoming; we need to have patience and forbearance; generosity; to speak the truth in love; to be inventive, creative, brave. Our great themes should be Love, Joy, Hope.
Feedback: Deanery Synod representatives feed back from meetings but it was suggested that we might look at ways of influencing from our PCC up through the levels of the deanery and diocese. The PCC minutes will be uploaded on to the church website and displayed on the church noticeboard.

4. Finance
An interim finance report was given at the AGM. Due to some delays following the introduction of new accounting software and restructuring of the way they are to be presented, the church will pay an outside firm to produce the final accounts this year. A special Accounts meeting will be held shortly (June/July) when the final accounts will be examined and discussed. Jonathan will meet with Jeremy and Alastair to look at ways in which to organise the workload so that the treasurer’s job is less onerous.

5. Church Life Review
• The high quality of the music at evensong is greatly appreciated. Following on from this, Jonathan asked PCC members to spread the word to help with recruitment of choir members, essential to maintain the strong musical tradition.
• It was suggested that it would be helpful to have the Annual Report available via the website.
• In September help will be needed for the running of the children’s workshops.
• It was noted that sidespeople need to co-ordinate when taking the collection to avoid overlapping in certain areas (especially the South aisle). The churchwardens keep an eye on this where possible from the back of the church.
• It was suggested that, at baptisms, parents needed to be in a position from which they can clearly see the baptism taking place.
• Those who attended the Easter dawn service enjoyed it and felt that they had witnessed something special. It was suggested that the service itself could be expanded.
• Thanks was recorded by the meeting for Iain Nevill’s excellent catering following the Easter dawn service and at the Come and Sing event.

6. Parish Support Fund
The importance of supporting the Diocese was emphasized especially to help supplement parishes who find they are unable to pay to maintain clergy. The meeting discussed what contribution should be offered on behalf of All Saints to the Parish Support Fund for 2017. The meeting acknowledged the difficulty of not having final accounts at this stage in the process as we don’t know exactly how much might be available. However, we can give an indication. Jonathan recommended an increase of at least 2% on what we gave last year; the meeting unanimously agreed, with a proviso that we would look to improve on this when we have the final figures.

7. Year of Mercy
This provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our ministry. The meeting looked specifically at the issue of refugees. It was agreed that a themed service would help to raise awareness within the congregation. Recognition was given for what we are already doing to help: “Good Causes” has made a donation to Refugee Action Kingston and there is a fundraising concert for this charity at All Saints in June; an article in the current Saints Alive raises awareness of the plight of those in the “Jungle” camp at Calais; the Mayoral service on 29th June has a theme of welcome which will focus on refugees; our open church is a good space for those needing refuge; the church is actively helping a member of the congregation through the asylum process (which experience might be of help to other churches and could be shared via Deanery Synod).
Jonathan asked for a volunteer to be the church representative on the issue of refugees.

8. Health and Safety
• Thanks were recorded to Iain who has made safe the worst of the broken flagstones at the church gate facing the Memorial Gardens.
• The key to the operating function of the West End doors is missing – all were asked to look out for it and to hand it in if found.
• One or two of the East End electricity floor boxes occasionally have some moisture in them. We have been assured that there is no danger but anyone planning to use them and finding dampness should dry them first.
• Daedalus will shortly be attending to the fixing of the North door mechanism and to quote for work on the bell tower leak, the damp patch at the West End and refurbishment of the East Surrey Gates.

9. Kingston Team news
There will be a joint service at St John the Baptist church, Kingston Vale, on 19th June at 10.30am to celebrate their patronal festival; this means that there will be no 9.30am service at All Saints on that day.

10. Deputy churchwardens
Notes of the deputy churchwardens meeting, 15th April, were circulated. There were no matters arising.

11. Forthcoming events
These were noted as set out on the agenda, subject to the following amendment: the topic of the Topical Lunch on Thursday June 16th is “EU Referendum Hustings” and not as listed on the Agenda.
There is the possibility of regular hiring of the church on Mondays and Thursdays by a choir run by the former organizer of the Rock Choir at the church.

12. A.O.B.
o A table-top sale in aid of good causes is to take place in the church grounds (if wet, in church in the café area) – contact the church office for details.
o The main noticeboard, North lawn, is to be replaced.

The meeting closed at 9pm with the Lord’s Prayer.

Next meeting: Wednesday 15th June 2016

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