Seven Saxon Kings

Seven Saxon kings, including the first ‘Kings of England’ are traditionally thought to have been crowned at Kingston Upon Thames. Before All Saints Church was built, the site was an important estate of the West Saxon Kings and host to Royal coronations.

We want to tell this significant heritage story by creating seven spectacular and unique embroidery panels depicting the Kings with rich imagery based on events from their reign.

We have worked with talented contemporary artists to create bespoke designs for embroidery panels, and here present the designs that we hope to make into reality with your help and support.

Can you help us ensure Kingston’s Saxon heritage story is enjoyed by future generations for many years to come?

We invite donations, large or small, from individuals, community groups and businesses all of whom will be recognised for their contribution to this iconic project in the heart of Kingston Upon Thames.

For a PDF booklet outlining the project, visualisation of completed images and how you can contribute please click on the following link:

All Saints Kingston Seven Saxons Embroidery Project 2022

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