Music plays an important part in our worship and our ancient space, with a wonderful acoustic, is frequently used as a place for community music making of a wide variety of kinds.

Music at services plays the role of helping people to pray, not only by allowing people time and space to reflect upon their lives and the words that are sung but also because it helps us get beyond those words to communicate with the mystery of God that is beyond our knowing.

Music, too, calls us to pray through the bells that are rung before our two main services on Sunday mornings and for other significant occasions. The tower of All Saints has been a significant local landmark for centuries and its bells have also played a role in the civic and commercial life of the town.

In these pages you will find information about the music we sing and when we will sing it, the Choir and other opportunities for you to be part of our singing tradition, the Bells and the Team that ring them, our Frobenius Organ and the concerts that are planned to take place in the church in the upcoming weeks.

Music Staff

David Condry, Director of Music
Matthew O’Malley, Organist
Nigel Duffin, Librarian
Lisa Beckley, Chorister Tutor