Learning at All Saints Church

A visit to All Saints Church

Whether you are a regular visitor, or coming to All Saints Church for the first time these pages contain information to help plan, book and organise your visit.

All Saints is an excellent destination for cross curricular study. Please contact the Learning and Engagement Officer for further details on planning a cross curricular visit.

The Team

The learning team is made up of the Learning  and Engagement Officer and learning volunteers who assist with visits, workshops and trails. We look forward to meeting you!

Organisations and students

We understand that all groups and learners are different and take care to adapt our service to meet your needs. All Saints Church is suitable for all students including those with special needs, home educator groups, out of school learners, early years groups and family centres. Please contact the Learning and Engagement Officer who will be happy to discuss any special requirements you may have.

Contact Information

Heritage and Learning Officer
All Saints Church
Market Place
Kingston upon Thames

Email – [email protected]

    Learning Enquiries Form