Zion, at thy shining gates

George Guest

Zion, at thy shining gates
Lo, the King of Glory waits,
Haste thy monarch's pomp to greet,
Strew thy palms before his feet.

Christ, for thee their triple light,
Faith and hope and love unite;
This the beacon we display
To proclaim thine advent day.

Come and give us peace within,
Loose us from the bands of sin,
Take away the galling weight
Laid on us by Satan's hate.

Give us grace thy yoke to wear,
Give us strength thy cross to bear,
Make us thine in deed and word,
Thine in heart and life, O Lord.

So, when thou shalt come again,
Judge of angels and of men.
We with all thy saints shall sing
Alleluias to our King.

Old German Melody


George Guest (1924-2002)