Sir Christemas

William Mathias

Nowell, nowell.
Who is there that singeth so,
I am here, Sir Christèmas.
Welcome, my lord Sir Christèmas!
Welcome to all, both more and less!
Come near, come near, come near,
Nowell, nowell.

Dieu vous garde, beaux sieurs,
Tidings I you bring:
A maid hath borne a child full young,
Witch causeth you to sing:
Nowell, nowell.

Christ is now born of a pure maid,
Born of a pure maid;
In an ox-stall he is laid,
Wherefore sing we at a brayde:
Nowell, nowell.

Buvez bien, buvez bien
Par toute la compagnie.
Make good cheer and be right merry,
And sing with us now joyfully
Nowell, nowell

Words: Anon (c. 1500)


William Mathias (1934-92)

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