Ecce beatam lucem

Jonathan Dove

Ecce beatam lucem.
Virtus alma et maiestas passim
cernenda adest.
Quantum decoris illustr’in sole
quam venusta es luna
quam multo clar’honore sidera fulgent.

Quam pulchra quaequ’in orbe!

O quam perennis esca tam
sanctas mentes pascit!
O mel et dulce nectar,
O fortunatam sedem!

Haec quies,
haec voluptas,
haec meta
nos hinc attrahunt recta in paradisum.
Behold the blessed light.
Benign power and majesty are seen everywhere.
The dazzling splendour of the sun
is matched by you, the moon,
and by the stars shining brightly in their great glory.
How magnificent is all creation!

O how such eternal nourishment feeds
holy minds!
O honey and sweet nectar,
O blessed place!

This peace,
this delight,
this goal
draws us from here straight to Paradise.


Jonathan Dove (b.1959)

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