John Tavener

Bright beings from the realm of light,
Messengers from the Lord of Might!
Silent as dawn and swift as sound,
Your presence shines where God is found.

When Jacob lay in deep despair,
Angelic waves in vision fair
Disclosed at Bethel, Heaven's gate,
And broke his chain of evil fate.

Angel and maid in stillness met,
And Mary's 'Yes', lest we forget,
Sprang from a Spirit touched by grace,
Through Gabriel's word and golden face.

Unseen as air, in fiery power,
Angelic hordes make demons cower,
And won with Christ in holy fight
Salvation's gift from human plight.

The sun's bright beams bring light to earth,
And angels bless our pain and mirth,
May angel hosts transport us high
To God in heaven when we die.

Words: Keith Walker (1985) Commissioned by All Saints' Church, Basingstoke, for the unveiling of a stained glass window


John Tavener (1944-2013)

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