Man, assay


Man, assay, [assay = attempt to endeavour]
and ask mercy while thou may.

In sin if thou thy life have led,
Amend thee, man, and be not adread;
God for thee his mercy hath spread;
Assay, assay.

For though thy sin be never so ill,
Amend thyselve, man, if that thou will;
God will not that thou spill; [spill=perish]
Assay, assay.

For he that thee so dear has bought,
Mercy he would that thou sought;
If thou it ask, he nays it nought; [nays it nought= negates (your sins) and sets (them) at nothing]
Assay, assay.

Thy life on earth here thus thou spend,
Praying to Jesu that thou not shend; [shend= be punished for your deeds]
Then joy and bliss shall be thine end;
Assay, assay.

Man, assay,
and ask mercy while thou may.


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