Alma redemptoris mater


As I lay upon a night,
my thought was on a burd so bright
that men clepn Mary, full of might,
redemptoris mater.

To her came Gabriel with light
And said: Hail be thou, blissful wight!
To ben cleped now art thou dight
redemptoris mater.

At that word that lady bright
Anon conceived God full of might;
Then men wist well that she hight
redemptoris mater.

When Jesu on the rood was pight,
Mary was doleful of that sight
Till she see him rise upright,
redemptoris mater.

Jesu that sittest in heaven light,
Grant us to comen beforn thy sight
With that burde that is so bright,
redemptoris mater.

Mediaeval English


burd = maiden, clepn = call, wight = person, cleped = called, dight = appointed, anon = straightway, wist = knew, hight = named, rood = crucifix, pight = pitched

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